April 14, 2010

yes. i'm still alive!

so much time has passed. i don't know if i could ever catch up on time passed. i hate to say it, but fb seems like the easy place for me to be. i waste so much time there. i guess it's just where i can go and not think or face reality. not good, i know. plus it's a quick way to say hi and catch up real quick with friends.. and not having to commit time to anyone. bad i know, but what ever.

i'm in a funk today. wanting to climb back under the covers and not come out for a long time. i know what i need to do but sometimes that's the hardest part!

we're busy into softball season

and trying to start out business.. did i ever mention that? yeah, we've been working on it for the last year and a half. now that i have my settlelment (broken leg), we're diving into our own money and gettin this thing started just as my dad's store has closed. so no income and throwing money into a new adventure. i can't tell you how scarey it is! but i guess the scarier the better?

i'll leave with a few pics of our latest adventures. i plan to be back much sooner this time!!

happy flippin easter! can't you tell!