March 23, 2008

Happy Easter! 2008

I want to say I'm sorry for slacking. This post was started on Sunday. I'm hanging on by the skin of my teeth (even though teeth don't have skin) Kids have been off this week and I have been working. So I've had barely enough time to breath! I'm not quitting, just easing off a bit. I even missed a mini blog party today. I had to take a little r&r at my mom's. I had the 2 little girls, so it wasn't really r&r, but whatever!
Now, on to my Sunday Post....

I am stealing the Sunday Synopsis from my friends Celia and Paige. I have been depressed and really busy and at the baseball fields until late every night. That's not gonna change for a couple of months. So I'm takin a new approach. I'll do a weekly summary and more if I can. I'll try to think up a different name so there isn't any "copy right infringement". 
So here it is.....
not much to report. Worked. I think someone had practice.
Worked. I think 3 kids had practice , had to drop rice off at church for RS bday dinner. Pick up team mate of one of kids. Off to baseball. Drop off 1, then the next, back to 1st, help coach practice. Race out to 2nd switch kids and cars with hubby. Race to church for another performance of Woman at the Well.  Grab piece of bread off table for dinner. Enjoy performance.

Get home to find hubby awnry cause on players parents showed up 45 minutes after practice was over. Feed rest of kids, fast. (9:00pm)
Rebecca had 2nd grade performance. Very cute. 6 2nd grade classes. 6 songs.
1/2 hour in the am. Not too bad. Our sweet neighbor, Sheri, came, too. More about her in a minute. I think someone had practice.
Worked. Grabbed Emma, ran to get gas! Off to the Dr's for Emma's 5 yr check up. Yep! My baby is 5 and she'll be in kindergarten next year. So, those of you with 5 yr olds know what this check up brings. A whole lot a shots! 3 to be exact and 1 finger prick. She was talking non stop about getting shots all week. All the time. She told everyone about it. She seemed kinda excited about it. I think she forgot from years ago. She had her Easter party at school and she was decorated like a bunny. She was a happy bunny....
 but not for long....
Not such a happy bunny. 
Run home, grab kids, off to softball.
Work all day, kids and hubby home (spring break). Get off work, go to sisters where 3 of 4 kids are watching sister's 2. No one dead! Wait till BIL gets home. Get home, make dinner, wait for hubby to get home from practice. Leave 3 youngest home so we could do the first and final Easter shopping. Success. Home to get ready for day of soft/baseball. 
Finish 2 banners for 2 teams, leave for ball fields. Pick up team mate on way. Oh yeah, run to Sam's club to get snack for all 4 teams.  Watched 3 of 4 kids games (thank goodness for a bye).

 Run to Costco to pick up dinner for Easter! You'd be proud. I was in and out in 20 minutes, FLAT! (at closing :) 
Not to mention The EB that night.
you know the drill. I'm too tired to even finish this. Luckily, the EB comes while we're at church! Yummy Dinner, lots of candy.... I can't remember what else.
I don't think I'll do another weekly summary, but maybe I will. I don't seem to have time any other time of the week.....

March 19, 2008

Right here, Right now,

this is where I want to be. Has anyone figured out how to run away from their lives yet? I need a break. Maybe this time with out my little precious ones! 

March 15, 2008

What did you do today?

Thanks everyone for blogging for me and keeping me occupied.  I will try to do better and post more for you. Of course that means no cleaning, no cooking, no working, no base/softball.... That one might be ok.

Anyway, so my question is... What did you do today?

I'll give you a little glimpse into today and I'll post about it tomorrow, after I recover.

( remember this place I told you about? We were here for 10 hours. Through sun, wind and rain)
First was Emma's team. Aren't they the cutest little Marlins you've ever seen? Wait till you see them play!

Then there was Rebecca's team. They're kinda like the sassy Tigers. When you're 7 & 8, it's all about you!

Then you gotta take a break from parades, pictures, carnival rides, stupid games, throwing your money away, and...Oh, yeah, you gotta get cotton candy as big as your head!

On to Andrew's team. See the kid in the bottom right hand corner? Yeah, the one pouting and awnry? Yep, he's mine! I guess there's always a kid who ruins a picture for everyone. It's usually mine. Especially after being out all day, up really early, hungry, cold and just plain miserable!
Last but not least. The beautiful 14/16 Cardinals. They made it through the whole day. Only to be rained on and FREEZING cold. See the spots in the picture? That's rain! 
Yes, by the way, my husband is features in 2 of the 4 pictures. He's managing 2 teams this year. Heaven help us!!
Every Saturday and, probably every night of the week, we'll be out here, playing ball. Say a prayer for me!

March 12, 2008

Where are you guys!

Man, the nerve of you all. I have the day off and I'm sittin around, waiting for you to blog and entertain me! It's not like I have laundry to do, or the store to go to, or the house to clean. Come on people! I NEED you!

March 10, 2008

Women at the Well

(I helped make these trees!!!)

Last night we attended a Fireside presented by the Young Women in our ward. The put on a performance of WOMEN AT THE WELL. I had never seen it before. It is a story about women who had experiences with Christ. The songs were beautiful and it was very well done. My daughter was in a few scenes. Her least favorite being the adulteress.
(about to be stoned)
But, I love what the Savior says, " Go and sin no more". If we do this, it is forgotten to him. I need to be a better example of Christlike ways. Especially being a mom, trying to raise my children in these days. It's hard but I know what I'm doing is right, I only hope my children will see that before they get to old and it's too late.
My husband looked at me and said "She looks just like my mom". She really does.
(never to be let out of the house with this much makeup on!)

March 5, 2008

Thank you Paige! I love it! Party end of month sounds good. I don't know if I can do late afternoon. My kids all have practice, endless practice! We'll make it work!

Caroline, Next time I'll ask you for help:) I just don't want to be a bother, but I can to Paige cause now I know her! 

March 3, 2008

Have you ever...

Turned on "A Baby Story" on TLC and seen someone you know????? I did and I'm watching her right now (it commercial time). Baby Price. (formally from cv3 - parents just moved back. mom and I did all 5 girls weddings. picture of wedding on tv included bouquet mom did!!!)  Crazy, huh?

I'm better now...

Ok, Thanks Andrea, for snapping me out of it. I need to keep you posted on our trip highlights from Hawaii. How could I have been keeping all my warm sunny pictures from you?

I think I will honor you all will some whale watching pictures...

We didn't get knocked out of our boat, thank goodness!    

Just a little note about the whales. None of these pictures were taken with a zoom.  At on point we were surrounded and couldn't go anywhere. 2 of the male escorts were checking us out. Thankfully they didn't start fighting with each other for the female and baby. In the whale kingdom, females are dominant. GO GIRLS!!!!!!!!

March 2, 2008

How was your Saturday?

I know I've been gone. I was depressed the last week, but I'm feeling better, thank you. What better way to be snapped out of depression than to spend a full day of softball/baseball. Here, let me tell you about it.....

8:15am ~ leave for church to clean our part (we switched weeks because we were in Hawaii)

Doors locked. Someone came.

8:35 ~ Husband leaves with oldest for her all day long volleyball tournament (church)
9am ~ leave for other church to send husband to get new cleats for youngest (I was hoping we wouldn't need to but I knew it was inevitable) and take said youngest and 3rd oldest to JOBL for practice game fest for 3 kids.

9:30 - 10am ~ watch oldest play volleyball - "Break someone's Clavical"

10:10 ~ leave for home away from home - JOBL

10:30am ~ youngest plays game. So much fun to watch a bunch of 3,4,5, &6 yr olds play softball! Youngest  had a great game. playing short stop. 2 big hits!  A bit chilly and windy

(this little girl didn't want to be there, either)
12:30pm ~ Son's game. Husband is coach. No pictures because of issues with said son. Long story. 

2:30pm ~ 2nd youngest child's game. She loves the game. takes it seriously, but has fun in the process. She's an awesome player. She's going to pitch this year. Getting very windy and cold.

(Rebecca's up at bat. Her best friend is pitching to her)
3pm ~ husband leaves to get oldest from "Woman at the well" practice to bring her back to JOBL for evaluations for her division. Husband coaching her, too. 

3:50 ~ hubby returns, I take youngest and son to son's All Star practice game at a park with a girls name :) hubby stays for evaluations for oldest.

                         (i was obviously not there to take pictures. time for photography class)
4:15 ~ arrive at said park. head coach not there, even though he said be there @ 4pm. (didn't show up til 4:50) Getting very cold and hungry, very grouchy.

5pm ~ leave to get food - luckily it was very close.

5:30pm ~ game starts for son. 9 inning game (didn't know this until 4th inning.) 

6:30pm ~ freezing cold - tired, really, really, tired. Husband on his way. Has to drop of oldest @ dance festival practice. Please hurry.
7:40 ~ oldest calls and needs ride home for her and friends. going to friends house to hang out. leave and don't come back. 
8:15 ~ arrive home. gone for 12 hours. very long day. 
8:45 ~ hubby home with son. kids bathed, into bed. call oldest. tell her to get a ride home. going to bed.
9:30 ~ start fast, fall into bed. not sure when oldest came home.
I'm really tired again. I guess I should end my fast, eat dinner (no, I didn't plan  dinner yet) and go to bed.