January 25, 2009

4x4 or 6x6

So this fun post is flying around through the blogisphere and I thought I'd do it, since I have nothing better to do!

I guess you go to your 4th or 6th photo file and post your 4th or 6th photo from within that file and tell about the picture.  (I've seen the 4 or 6 going around so I thought I'd do both!

I cheated a little bit. My brother loaded a bunch of photos in to our computer when we first got it and MACs store and sort everything for you in order (which I love) but for this, I wanted pictures that I had taken, not someone else (I had mom's in there, too)

So this one is of my oldest many years ago at the SF ZOO on a field trip. I don't think she liked me taking pictures of her and her friends. She still doesn't!
(I think this is a better picture than the one I shoulda put... an elephants' rear!)
 This one (6) is of Emma, cousin and auntie playing patty cake on other auntie's kitchen table. All my babies were budda babies! The girls are 3 weeks apart.

I guess who ever reads this is supposed to go do it, too. So go, do it, it's fun to reminisce! 

January 21, 2009


I am very grateful for this little number here. My dad hooked us up before the "break". This newest member of our family has come in very handy. It is really hubby's chair, but he loves me so much that it's mine for now. It reclines, 0-gravity, it's motorized, oh, and did I mention, it massages, too? Yeah, it's really good for my circulation, since I don't get up from it to often. (btw - do you know how many judge shows are on during the day? just curious. I do, and it's a whole lot!!)

I needed to find a few reasons to be grateful right now. I'm up late cause I can't sleep and I don't want to take any nor-cos.  As I was lying in bed I was thinking of all the things I want to be able to do, which I haven't been able to do for the past 18 days.....  I hope to come out of this with new appreciation for my body and what it can do for me.

I am thankful to be able to:

stand at the kitchen sink and do dishes

carry loads of laundry to the laundry room and wash/fold clothes

tuck my kids in at night

take a shower by myself
(sorry, no picture of that one ;)

be graceful!

get dressed by myself

drive a car

 (I was going to re-start a program called couch potato to 5k in 8 weeks. I did it before but never finished. I am ready to face a new year and be a new me.)

take my kids to school

go to church

go anywhere!!!

Truthfully, I'm doing ok. My spirits are high & low. The pain comes and goes. BUt the love of my life is right next to me. No matter where I am each day. He has become the mom/dad. He cleans, he cooks (so do the ladies from church :), he taxi's the kids around, he coaches Andrew's baseball team, he's opening a new business, he works for my dad a few days a week, he worries constantly about me (we even have separate blankets in bed so he won't accidently hurt me).
I love you, babe. Thanks for taking care of me. I owe you one!

(see why Im so thankful. now I will be thankful to go to bed and fall right to sleep!)

January 18, 2009

I'm ok

Thank you all for your well wishes after my accident. Yes, MY accident, not Katelynn's ;)

I'm still using a walker and showering about every 3 days or so! I'm gonna save you the picture of my leg when the old cast was removed and the new one was put back on. 3 weeks still of no weight on my leg, then hopefully a walking boot or something like that.

Even though I can't drive and don't really need to leave the house, I got a handicap parking pass. Emma was so excited. She said " Are you handicap now?"

(my mother in law had both hips replaced and when she visits she bring her pass. E is fascinated with it)

I hope to catch up on the past couple of months soon, for posterity sake! I just wish I had a laptop to do it from!

I'm still reading you, I just don't always have the energy to comment!

January 4, 2009

The Ice Skating Accident... as told by Katelynn

Well this isn't Hillary, its her oldest daughter Katelynn. But my mom is currently not able to share what happened Saturday afternoon at the ice skating rink. Oh. Geez.

So Rebecca and Emma have wanted to go ice skating since this little (and I mean TINY) rink opened downtown. So with Gramma in town we all thought it would be nice and relatively easy to go and spend a day downtown to show Gramma around. We all climbed in the car to have a seemingly good day. Well we got there and it was PACKED. The rink is small and it was like you couldn't move without knocking down a small child. But we figured, we're already here, lets just do it. Andrew and I got on and we were doing good, and I was helping little Emma as she flipped and flopped everywhere. But Rebecca was having some problems, so mom decided she was gonna help.

She went and got her skates, laced them up and began to scoot along the edge of the rink. She had a successful first trip, and most of the 2nd trip. As all of you should know, my mom is a picture FREAK. No joke, she takes pictures of food. But she's never in any of them, so Dad pulls out the camera to take a cute little photo and Mom starts playfully yelling at him. Well I now see where i get my inability to run and yell at the same time from. Mom then loses her balance and falls, but her foot stays behind her. The good news is, we got a picture of her mid-fall :) Unfortunately my Dad and i are computer retarded and dont know how to get the picture off the camera. So ask Mom to put it up here

So anyways. She begins to scream I BROKE MY ANKLE!!!!! Then the pain kicked in and it was all bad. She's still lying on the ice mind you. so Dad pretty much leaps  over the barrier and goes to her and from out of no where Nannie and Papa (My Mom's parents) show up so Papa goes to her too and "taps" her. "Tapping" is some mumbo jumbo that supposed to make you feel good. apparently it works, but i think its a bunch of crap. So Mom then yells at Papa.There was kids everywhere to, i wanted to punch them. not really, thats violent. Hahahahha....

Meanwhile a guy who worked there called 911 (This guy looked like he was about 5, but he was in high school) and Papa starts yelling at him and i swear he almost cried. So the ambulance showed up and took mom away. Emma was HYSTERICAL. Sobbing that she doesnt want then ti touch her mommy. Rebecca was upset but controllably, and Andrew was sullen. While I, Super Sister, calmed everyone the heck out!

Well my dad and i took the rest of the kids and gramma home and we rushed over to the hospital. She was in the E.R. for awhile and they gave her some pain medication, the "D drug" as mom called it (she couldnt remember the name). She's all loopy and what not and kind of hilarious. Apparently the ambulance guys were cute, as the drugs tell us. Well the first Xray told us that she broke her tibula and fibula near her ankle. which is bad but not as bad as it could be. Then the 2nd Xray clarified that not only did she break those bones, she broke all 3 bones that support her ankle and dislocated the ankle. That takes talent! 

So today at 9 in the morning she went into surgery to fix it. Everything went well and she'll be home tomorrow and probably on the computer to. Ask her about "scrawny jesuseses"