May 25, 2009

Let Summer Begin!

I just love these random traveling carnivals, don't you?
Where you drop $20 just to go on 3 rides each? 

These 2 have been the best of pals all weekend. 
I hope it rings true all summer! Cross your fingers xxx
Emma was nice enough to go with this little boy 
cause you can't ride alone, you know!
Dad had to ride on this one cause, well, I've had recent surgery :)
Emma was very brave and loved the slide
Becca liked it, too!
Normally we drive right by those and tell the kids horror stories of these traveling carnivals :) But the 2 oldest were out of town so we took the girls, just the 2 of them (it's been a long time since we've only had 2) and treated them to a quick run through the carny. Don't know why it was there, but whatever. I'm assuming to celebrate Memorial day? It's been here since last tuesday! Go figure. Maybe the people of Folsom are bigger suckers than the rest of em. Who knows. But we had fun. We went to the new yogurt place in town, too. It was fun to enjoy my little ones, before they aren't so little anymore!
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May 24, 2009

i hope this is not the beginning...

but only the end.

May 21, 2009

The Prophet said to plant a garden

... so that's what we'll do.... 

I always sing that little primary song when I go out and water our garden. I have always wanted to plant a garden and now we have the space and ability to do so! It has been so much fun. We check it every day to see what's new.  I can't believe how fast it's grown!

The planting 4/13/09
see how tiny our tomatoes are?
not so tiny anymore!

almost as tall as Emma
The hill side of squash! Bring on the zuccinni bread!
Still waiting for the watermelon to do SOMETHING!
Any one know about giant cabbages??
 Rebecca started this @ school and we kept it alive on the windowsill. 
Now that's it's planted... it's gotten HUGE!!!
The first "fruit" of our labors

May 18, 2009


Remember when I did this? Well, I thought I'd give you an update on my recovery... in pictures, of course..... 

1 week post op
1 week PO
1 month PO

1 month PO

2 months post op
2 months PO
2 months PO
1st time in shoe so I could walk Emma to school

4 months after surgery
4 months post op
4 months... getting my tan on.... in need of pedicure!!!
I'm doing pretty well. I've been driving for about 6 weeks now!!  Who knew one could be so grateful to drive again! I'm still stiff in the am and when I've done too much... like go on a walking field trip to petco last week - it was a little long. I was sore for 2 days later. But more or less, I've fully functional, I just have 2 lovely scars and a slight limp when I'm tired or have over done it! Still can't wear heels yet. Or flip flpos... even though I do, I know I shouldn't cause there is NO support in flip flops! But I got some really cute ones from old navy! Any one know of fome cute, summery shoes that would be supportive??? let me know!

May 2, 2009

been busy

Been kinda busy. Not really feeling like blogging. Ever get in the mood to read everyone else's and not take care of yours? That's where I'm at. For posterity sake, and my mother in law! (Hi Michele).... Here's a few photos of things we or I did last month!

Papa and daddy built a garden box!!!

The girls and I planted veggies and flowers. Those plants are so much bigger now!

On a whim drove to Utah w/ my mom for 4 days
(I know those of you who live there might not apprecate this picture 
but I love the majesty of the mountains. and the snow... cause I don't live in it!)

While there, watched my nephew rock at soccer!
(he's the one in the yellow jersey!)

Went on a field trip with Rebecca and a bunch of 3rd graders!

Finally made it to the river to let the turtle go!

Had an amazingly chocolate cake that a lady gave my dad cause she returned a chair
 (kind of a crazy lady.... the cake cost $72!)

My oldest turned 15. She's counting the days until her 16th.... I'm not!

Where the Swine flu came from

In case you were wondering how it really started....
(it wasn't Mexico)

(i couldn't get it any bigger. sorry. it's the size i got it in an email.
 thought you could use a laugh!)