July 27, 2008

We are moving...

in 2 weeks! It's kind of a surprise to us all. But the promptings and guidance are unmistakable. 

We are moving to Folsom. (4 minutes from my mom's driveway - her calculations). We visited our new ward today. We'll see how that goes. It's always hard to make yourself at home in a new place. We had to make a quick choice because schools starts on Aug 11! My oldest 2 aren't really that thrilled. I don't understand why. But they are taking it pretty well. 

We have started the packing process. Thank goodness my husband is home to get things going. I'm working until the 5th! So if you don't hear from me (like you hear from me daily...) I'm here, just packing and sweating!

(I hate moving, yet it is really a good thing. We've made 2 trips to Di and we have more to go!!!)

July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

This is my present to me from my mom. It's the only thing I wanted. 36 isn't very exciting.

Red Velvet and Vanilla with lemon filling. I'll post more pics later!

July 15, 2008

Daddy daughter camping.....

This is the best dad in the world!
Never been camping or backpacking a day in his life. Now he's off to girls camp, for 5 days, 3 of which will be away from camp, a 9 mile hike, UP the mountain, NO air mattress to sleep on, maybe even bears, can't start a fire to save his life.
He's going because he loves HER.
Although, I'm not sure at 7am Monday morn. Maybe rethinking the whole "love" thing.

Don't they look super excited to go?

Now they do.
Not sure how she talked him into this. He's taking his life into his own hands.
Please notice the CLEAN clothes and clean shaven head. Don't they look FRESH? I can't wait to post the return pictures. I have talked to my missing half and he's still alive. Slept good the first night. (he had a tent and an air mattress. Not for the next 2 nights. I hope his back holds up ok) Last I checked he was hanging the bear bags and then I don't know what. He said the freeze dried lasagna wasn't too bad. 

I miss you very much! Both of you! Hurry home, the others have me cornered!!!

July 9, 2008

July 7, 2008


So.... daddy has had the long standing record of bop-it. This fun (meaning annoying and fight causing) game has been in hiding for a long time. We cleaned out the game closet last week and it was found again. So the constant competition has begun. Dad had the record of about 123 in a row. It was the high score. 

Until Sunday night. Katelynn was plugging away, very much in the zone, and all of a sudden the thing stopped and started playing music. She had the new high score of 223. It was quite exciting.

Well..... daddy wasn't about to let that happen. He doesn't let the kids win. He thinks it builds character. So, while I'm out in the tent..... he gets a new high score of 250! Will the madness ever end??  

(if you don't know what extreme Bop-it is, get one. It's actually fun. You can play solo or pass it!)

Our 4th wrap up - on the 7th!

So...  I was really sick all week, so our 4th was uneventful. #2 kid spent it with friends. Fine. Family wasn't around, so we went to our FAVORITE place to watch fireworks. The Moraga country Club. Best ever. You sit on the golf course and the fireworks go off right over your head! It lasted 18 min. 45 sec. (so says the guys next to us)

Daddy & Emma watching intently
Mom and Becca watching, too

The grand finale is always our favorite.
Saturday, Becca had a little tournament, 4 games in Benicia. They won all 4 games and she went 7 for 7!
Then a little swimming at Andrew's friend's house. Emma perfected the belly flop off the diving board - first time ever! The life vest took the impact.

Sunday was a special day, Andrew received the Aaronic Priesthood. (I guess the only pics I ever have of him are playing baseball)

Being the best mom ever, I agreed to sleeping in the tent with A & E. (reality check pic!) We have a blowup mattress that keeps air for a couple hours. Needless to say, I slept horribly, plus I woke up in the middle of the night (3am) itchy and I had the hives. The benadryl helped me to sleep the rest of the night. (I think Katelynn gave me them. She had them all last week!)

Today Becca and dad are off to Great America for her 8th bday (in Feb). It's a tradition that my family had. When you turn 8 you get a special day with dad, in leu if a party, to celebrate being baptized. I think they're having fun, she's already been on the Demon! Now I'm off to Costco with some bored children.....

July 2, 2008

Out With the OLD

(our old garbage can - to now be used as green waste - and the stupid milk crates used for recycling. My kids hate sorting the recycling.)
In with the NEW!!! beautiful garbage and recycling cans! 

Now my kids don't have to sort, they can just dump! ANd we can recycle our green waste much easier now. I am just tickled about it. My family thinks I'm crazy! That's ok. Maybe I am. It's the simple things, ya know?