August 30, 2008

Talk and lesson!

I have just finished preparing my talk that I have to give tomorrow in church. We ARE the new people and I guess 3 weeks is long enough. Oh, and my new calling is teaching Sunday School for the 14 yr olds. On the upside, that is my daughters class. She's the only girl that has been in the class since these boys were in nursery! There's only about 5 boys - young men - so needless to say, I think their smitten! But who wouldn't be with my beauty? 

(drumstick in mouth)
Wish me luck. I struggled with what to talk on, they let me choose, which I think is harder. So silly me decided to talk on faith and how to have it. Not a broad topic or anything! I just pray I won't make a fool of myself! 

(by the way, we ALL get to talk. Katelynn, Mark, and ME. Andrew opted out which was ok for now. He doesn't understand that it will be his turn soon enough.... My mom has the girls in SF for the weekend, so It's just us big kids)

August 23, 2008

Lifting my spirits

So... I have sunken in to a rut, mingled with a bit of the ol depression. It's fading but I still have so many boxes to unpack and go through and purge! I'm getting there, though.

So nothing lifts my spirits like being able to be creative with m mom. She is a florist and I have posted about a few weddings we have done together, But this one was so fun. It is tons of work (we work here in Folsom and them drive to where ever the wedding is in the bay area).

The difference with this wedding was that the family is so wonderful. They are creative geniuses and so uplifting to be around. And they colors and design were to die for, at least for me. I love being around beautiful things that the Lord creative for us to enjoy.  Enjoy for yourselves...

August 18, 2008

desperate leads to desperate measures...

We need a wireless modem cause there's no phone jack in the room for our dsl. We have tried lots of places and NO one seems to know what their talking about, even at the Apple store. My in house mac expert (love ya Nathe) told me what to get. Some airport thingy. So I told the girl that at the store, which is far from our new home and she tried to sell me the one that costs $169.99 + tax instead of the one my expert told me to get, which costs $99. Since I'm tired and still lacking of myself from this move and unpacking (no, I'm not done yet, don't go there) I believed her, but I didn't get it because I don't have an extra $200 right now. So, in desperation.... I strung the really long phone cord across our kitchen and all is right with the world now. I just finished getting my blog fix from scanning over 300 posts :) 

see small rectangle on wall? phone jack...
see small black thing and long cord? dsl modem and phone cord
see happy people (actually, they're all sleeping)  and now the fighting over the computer has commenced!
I have missed you all. Pregnancies,new babies, new cars, family reunions....  I'll try to update in bits and pieces. I have 2 weeks to catch up on. Like my kids first day of school and how they're adjusting or not adjusting...
Blog ya later!

August 14, 2008

I'm still here

A quick update...

we aren't hooked up to the internet yet. We ned a wireless router and we just haven't gotten one yet. I'm alive, almost unpacked and doing well. The kids are adjusting. Katelynn has had a hard time of it, but I think she's coming out of it,. I'll update soon as I can. Thank goodness my mom lives just down the street!!!