January 30, 2008

How to take a "holey" picture

So I should be making a list of many things to do, but I'm not a list maker and I am cold and tired and I don't have to work today. One of my friends:) asked how I got the picture in the hole. I will now give a tutorial (cause I don't want to do laundry)....

I was watching my sister's girls (we trade:) and we went to the school. I kept seeing these fabulous pictures and didn't have my camera. I bribed Rebecca to run home (just up the street) to get it for me. I followed baby around and saw her from underneath the bridge (you know, the ones with the holes). I grabbed my camera and low and behold. Amazing pictures.
I made everyone go up on the bridge so I could take their picture. Next I'll try it with all my kids. I hope they'll humor me :)

Now I really have to do SOMETHING, so I don't feel guilty.

January 29, 2008

the countdown is

how many days until we fly off to a tropical paradise.

(sorry, Paige asked. I'm trying not to be toooo braggy :)

Which Child is Real?

Emma had fun making new friends at the new park in downtown Clayton! It's a small but fun park and these kids don't mind the company...
Flying high. She pumps all by herself! YES!!!
My favorite place to take a picture!

January 28, 2008

The Angels Are Singing...

"It is the home which produces the nursery stock of new generations. I hope that you mothers will realize that when all is said and done, you have no more compelling responsibility, nor any laden with greater rewards, than the nurture you give your children in an environment of security, peace, companionship, love and motivation to grow and do well. "

Could you imaging being in Heaven when President Hinckley arrived? His sweet wife waiting for him?

I was at a fireside with the stake president and his wife. Just before Sister H. was to give her talk, the Stake Pres was handed a note. They looked bewildered on the stand. He stood and told us all. There were gasps and tears. The spirit was so strong. At the end of the fireside, we stood and sang "We thank the O God for a Prophet." It is an honor and a privilege to belong to this amazing church, led by a true prophet of God.

January 25, 2008

Does anyone else have cabin fever?

Ok, I know I can't complain because it's not like 30 below with a windchill factor of -60, but it is raining and wet and grey. My girls do ok just hanging out and drinking hot chocolate, but not my son. He gets a little, umm, well, let's just say CRAZY. This was at the dinner table 2 nights ago...

Then his sisters did this.....

21 days and counting!!! I don't know if we (I) will make it!

January 24, 2008

My True Love

We went to DL on our honeymoon. We went back 15 yrs later with 4 kids!

What's his name? Mark Andrew Beamish

How long have you been together? Earthquake of 1989 - 18.5 yrs :o0

How long did you date? 2.5 yrs

How old is he? 36

Who eats more? I think he probably does. I've been trying to watch my portions. I remember on our honeymoon the waitress
cleared our plates and said, "wow. you 2 can really eat!"
Who said I love you first? He did. In the back of my pick up truck at the drive ins!

Who is taller? Mark - 5'9" - me - 5'4.5"

Who is smarter? Can I say I am? Would he be mad? He's better at math. I'm better at english.

Who does laundry? Primarily me.

Who does the dishes? The kids. Why else would you have them?

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If your standing at the foot of the bed looking at it, he does. If you're in the bed, I do!

Who pays the bills? Me

Who mows the lawn? Again, kids.

Who cooks dinner? I do. But he makes a mean meatloaf that the kids request and he does a yummy tri-tip on the grill!

Who drives when you are together? Usually me, he hates my car. I hate his truck, so we're even!

Who is more stubborn? I think I am

Who kissed who first? He would say it was me, but it was him. My friends and I went to a Fine Young Cannibals Concert. He liked my boots :) They asked if we wanted a beer. - I was 17 and I don't drink beer. Anyway, they found us on the lawn and sat by us. He made the first move. The end.

Who proposed?   He did, on the couch, during Family Feud:)

Who has more siblings? He's an only child. I have 6 sibs

Who wears the pants in the family? Hopefully, we'll fit in the same pants pretty soon!

Who is more sensitive? Me

Who has more friends? I'm pretty sure I do, thanks to my blog friends!!!

Who are you tagging? whoever wants to. I never do, I mean to, but I never do!

January 22, 2008

Anyone missing this?

We had fun at our little, too short, blog party today. My house was clean before they came. I shoulda had before pictures. The kids played and so did us big kids! We ate cookies for breakfast. Thanks everyone for bringing something. I know Paige, Celia, or Denae will post about this soon.

Until then, Paige call me, Beatrice might be having panic attacks w/o the potty :)

January 21, 2008

party's tomorrow 10am (1/22)

I know I'm late at posting this and I will try to send out an email, but....

Please let me know if you're coming and what you might be bringing, food or people.

I think these are the people coming:
Ashley (my sister)
Celia Fae
anyone who wants to webcam in.
I don't know if I forgot anyone. If I did, you're still welcome to come. Just let me know....

I'm off to find emails for everyone.

January 20, 2008

I'm all alone...

I hopped on a train and headed to my mom's. Yes, my husband knows, and no we're not fighting. We needed to come up here (Folsom/Sacramento) anyway, so I was going to come by myself on Sunday, just for a good night's sleep and to be ALONE for a short time. My husband said, why don't you go on saturday? Why not? So I did. The train was easy and fun and cheap. I have pictures, too.

Mom and I went to a movie, 27 Dresses, very cute and thought provoking all at the same time. I wandered around Walmart by myself for a 1/2 hour. I am in mommy heaven. I don't miss anyone yet, except my husband. I will miss the kids tomorrow. I am off to bed to have a blissful night's sleep, then take a long bath tomorrow when my parenta are at church :)

This is the life! Thanks babe, I love you!

January 18, 2008

Ribs with Gramma

I'm going back a few weeks to report on my MIL time here. The last couple of times she has come to visit us from Florida, she has made ribs. SO the kids always ask when she will is coming and will she make ribs. So she did. Right before we had our kitchen ripped out (next post). Andrew got a lesson on basting with bbq sauce, and the rest of us got to devour them :)

Thanks, Gram, for the best ribs EVER!

January 16, 2008

In 30 Days......

I will get on this
With these andand a few more.
To meet up with

To be HERE......ALOHA

January 12, 2008

party, my house!

With all the talk of the BLOGAPALOOZA, I almost for got about having a get together at my house. I have the week off work Jan 21 ~ 25, and I want to have my blogging friends over. Anyone who is close and wants to drive to Concord(ca) come on over! I was thinking either the 22 or 24? ANy preferences? Children are welcome. Bring something to eat. Email me if you need directions. Please comment if you are coming. If you want to join us VIRTUALLY, we can do a chat if you have a web cam or imac. I can have a conference with up to 3 others. Even if you don't know me or others, come over and hang out. Besides, it'll give me a reason to clean my bathroom!!!

January 7, 2008

Have you ever wondered....

What it was like to ride in the back of a cart at Costco?

January 3, 2008

Do you remember.....

Getting your ears pierced???

So, here's our way we do piercings :) We give the girls a choice to get their ears pierced at the age of 8. Since, in our church, we believe this is the age of accountability. Well, Rebecca will be 8 on Feb 17, but we will be in Hawaii and I don't feel like dealing with it there. Plus softball starts soon and she'll have to take earings out for games. And, for other mothers not knowing when to let their girls do it, Rebecca has asked for years, now. Emma wants them (but won't get them now). My oldest didn't want to do it until the age of 11. I begged her to do it, but she didn't want to.

So, that's our story and reasoning about ear piercing. No answer is right or wrong. My sister is 22 and she still doesn't want to get hers pierced. Go figure!

January 1, 2008

Thanks Paige!

Paige is the best. She changed my background on her own, and then, I asked her to brighten it up a little. Our whole family is going to Hawaii on Feb 15. All 24 (maybe 4 more) are headed to Maui. Aloha!

Happy 2008!

Some of us made it....

One of us didn't....

Happy New Year! I have a tone of fun posts coming up.... just have to get work out of the way...