July 31, 2007

I have 1 less child

Katelynn is off to girls camp this week. SHe left Monday morning. Mark took her to the bus. I would've had more pictures, but he said it was like pulling teeth to get her to to even pose for one picture. We miss her already! We knoe she is having fun. Hopefully our letters will make it to her on time. I never went to girls camp.... They asked me to go this year but there were too many legisitics I had to work out. Maybe next year......
for the 3rd year hike :{

July 30, 2007

movie review

I took the 2 little girls to see " Hairspray " this afternoon.

Best movie I have seen in a long time! (considering the last movie I saw was "I now pronounce you Chuck & Larry) I laughed, I cried (which I always do), I came away with my vibrations HIGH!
A must see - 2 thumbs way up!

July 26, 2007

Daddy's Birthday

Yesterday was Mark's birthday. He is now 36. At least he is closer to 40 than me. We had a fun time of bowling for his day. Emma won the first game - she beat us all. Then Mark KILLED the rest of us in the last game. I think he had an unfair advantage. He was in a bowling league when we met. He was pretty good. He is a wonderful husband and dad. Happy Birthday, hunny!

July 21, 2007

I'm 35 today!!!!

Today was a big birthday. 35. It's a weird number. It's half way to 70. I was fine with 30, but I just feel different. Maybe cause I'm on my way to 40. "How did I get here?" I am looking forward to the next 35 years, though. So, don't count me out yet!

On Friday eve, my mom, sister and I went for a little adventure. With NO kids in tow we headed to Berkely to 4th street and made it just in time to quickly browse through the Crate and Barrel outlet. I love that place. I can't wait to have my own big beautiful house to fill with that stuff. Mom bought me a cute new rug for my kitchen - a a few things for an upcoming wedding - and then we were off to the next mission.

We were looking for a little shop called - Love at First Bite. It is a bakery/cupcakery. We are doing a wedding in August where the bride is doing cupcakes on tables for centerpieces. So we just HAD to find the store and sample them. We found it in a small little shopping place, and there weren't many left, but enough for a dozen. The Lemon Kisses were my favorite.

Next mission was to find a place to eat... lots to choose from, but couldn't decide - we finally stopped at a little Italian cafe/bistro place. Had some yummy, different pizza and grilled asparagus. I think it was all pretty healthy, we could've had everything vegan, but we decided against it :)

Now to my birthday -

My sweet Rebecca made me breakfast in bed - cereal, toast w/butter and chocolate milk. Even some roses from outside. She is a caretaker.

Later I rewoke up to hot waffles, made by my sweet husband.

Off we went about 1pm to the temple pageatn at the Oakland Temple. There is a matinee so families can come with their children - never will we go to a matinee again - lots of loud, talking, crying babies, children and parents. I felt the spirit, somewhat.

Then off to Fentons!!!

We had a GOOOOOD time. Katelynn found a hair in her icecream sundae, so we got that for free. Nice, huh.
By the way, when we pulled up to Fentons, someone was pulling out and we got a primo spot - Happy Birthday to me from the Universe!!!

Dinner made by dad was bbq burgers, corn on cob and tater tots. Next was a surpise cake ~ made out of DINGDONGS~ my favorite.

I have a wonderful family and I am happy to be 35 yrs old today!!!


Friday was our kitty's birthday. He is 1 yr old. I think the family was more excited about that than it being my birthday the next day. Cappuccino was born to our other kitty, Heidi. It was about 10pm Thursday July 20, when I heard tiny little crying sounds coming from my bedroom. Yes, Heidi gave birth to 5 kittens under our armoire.

"Cappy" as we fondly refer to him, was the last one, so we kept him. The others found good homes, which we were relieved. He has certainly kept us occupied. He loves to play fetch with a strechy headband. He used to play it most in the middle of the night, with me, in my bed.... He is an outside at night cat, now.


July 20, 2007

The Farmers Market

Emma, Katelynn, and I headed off to the Concord Farmer's Market yesterday evening. We met my sister and her family. I haven't been there this season and it is packed. So many people come for the "music in the park". The band was pretty good. Emma wanted to play on the play structure, I wanted to walk around and katelynn wanted some peaches. We managed all 3!

Emma and cousin Cheyenne

One of the vendors sells mammoth potatoes, loaded with the works. A nice dinner for 2. We had fun, just 2 of my girls and me.

July 19, 2007

My Birthday lunch

At work, Dr Blatter, takes everyone out to lunch for each of our birthdays. There were 8 of us yesterday. We get to chose where we go and I picked California Pizza Kitchen. I didn't take the camera, so unfortunately I don't have a picture of it. Here are pictures from the web of what I had.

I am so thankful and full of gratitude for the great boss that I have. I am blessed. And I am FULL!

July 17, 2007

Rebecca Rides Away

Yesterday hubby took the girls to the school to, FINALLY, teach Rebecca to ride a 2wheeler. It has been in our garage for the last year, waiting to be fixed up (it was courtesy of her cousin). It didn't take long, she is 7 now, and she was beeming with pride when I got home from work.

Mark took the girls again today and now Rebecca can start on her own. She is very proud of herself and so am I. I can't wait to see what else she can do (besides hit homeruns in softball!)

July 15, 2007

It's almost my Birthday

Well.... here I am in the blogging world. I have enjoyed so much reading blogs of friends that I haven't kept in contact with. I have tried a pre-blog with my .mac account but my Idisk is almost full and I don't want to pay for more!

Yes it is almost my birthday. This saturday, the 21st. I will be 35. That sounds a little scarey to me. Sometimes I look around at my life - married for almost 15 years, 4 children - the oldest being 13, and I just don't know how I got here. (hence the title:)

I need to start documenting my life and my children's, as well. I can't wait to see what I come up with! Especially with a teenage daughter. This is a whole new chapter in my life! I hope we both survive!