July 24, 2009

trip to utah

before anyone gets upset that i didn't tell anyone that i was going to utah, i didn't have time to see anyone but my brother and his family and the event that i went for. i know you are all disappointed and so am i. one day i'll come out there with plans to see/meet all of my friends out there. just an fyi :)

my mom and i took my 3 youngest kids to my brother's to see cousins and attend a conference in layton. i'll post about that later. the best part was the party on friday eve. the band was great but so loud that people couldn't mingle. so there was a dance party for the miles family! PARTY TRAIN is the name of the band. they were totally awesome! the kids had so much fun. it wore them out and even i got out there and shook it! it tired them out so they slept right through the people partying at the bar right next to our room. me not so lucky :)

there were chocolate fountains and eli enjoyed them.
he would go and get a strawberry, dip it, come back to the table,
take one bite then go get another. repeat about 10x

had and amazing conference! then headed back to logan.
enjoyed a restful sunday then off to the waterpark on monday.
emma was so hapy that she could go down the big slides there.
here she's about an inch to short, bummer!
we had fun in the sun

i promised no names on this one, but i was very impressed ;)
then back to their house for a little birthday cake in honor of yours truely!
since i'd be driving home all day on my bday!
all i can say is sam's club does an awesome cake! cheap, too!
had a great time, too short, but happy to be back home. missed my man and missed my girl (who didn't come cause she was hiking 27 miles for girls camp! she's a beast!)

July 13, 2009

garden update

just in case you were wondering and just in case you need any large zucchinis!

this is just a smattering of what there is.
i swear everyday there is a huge one that wasn't there the day before!
i wonder how big they will be when i get back from utah!
something had been eating the tomatoes as they got red.
so i put some fancy stars in the garden and it hasn't benn back since!
feeling my roots! and yes, i AM in my jammies :)

my most favorite part of the garden.
they are my favorite flower.
I love how tall and thin the stem is
and yet it is strong enough to hold an amazing creation that looks to the sun!
happy bee!

July 5, 2009

I love my family!

Here are a few family photos.

I love being together with my brothers and sisters, blood and by law!
(the spot in the middle is for Jonathan who can't be here :(

I love that all 16 cousins pick up where they left off.
Can you see how many boys there are?
Youngest to oldest
(well the youngest is at the end, he can't stand yet and he was sleeping!)

I am blessed to have a forever family.
I am so grateful for the Plan Of Salvation!
The reunion in heaven will be awesome
(just hopefully not for a very very long time!)

July 4, 2009

God Bless America

Quick post on the rodeo last night. I can now say I've been to a rodeo... and i never have to go again. Fun, but not my cup of tea... or drink of beer! Getting all 24 of us arranged and settled, took all night :) Hardest on the little kids and our butts! 

I did want to share this most of all. This was so magestic . I'll fill ya'll in about the rodeo and weekend later. Like the lady pretending to be  security and getting in my sons face :)

the crowd :) (it was sold out) 
There's another section to the left of me and the right , just saying.

way high up there. so glad for great zoom!

getting closer

took your breath away

Into the stadium. It was amazing!

(had to share the big hat guy. so glad he didn't sit infront of us!)

July 2, 2009

they're almost here!

the family is coming! my kids are giddy with anticipation! i've been cleaning and painting and planting ( i love a deadline :) In a few short hours most of us will be in Folsom, ready to party!

There are 30 poeple in my immediate family. 29 of us will be here. 16 of them are cousins! 

We have so much planned and not planned. Mom and i went shopping for food yesterday. 2 stores, 400$. not bad. Easy food, bbq, corn, easy....

our weekend is as follows:
7/2 - mileses, mileses, daphne arrive
7/3 - loseys arrive - go to swim park, play, play, go to rodeo! (there is a real live rodeo in our town, 3 minutes from our house!)
7/4 - mileses arrive - go to beach at river, home for pictures, bbq, fireworks, play play play
7/5 - church - bless baby cody, lunch, play play play
7/6 - every body leaves :(

I'll do a big post when I've recovered!

Happy fourth of july!!! I love america!