April 14, 2010

yes. i'm still alive!

so much time has passed. i don't know if i could ever catch up on time passed. i hate to say it, but fb seems like the easy place for me to be. i waste so much time there. i guess it's just where i can go and not think or face reality. not good, i know. plus it's a quick way to say hi and catch up real quick with friends.. and not having to commit time to anyone. bad i know, but what ever.

i'm in a funk today. wanting to climb back under the covers and not come out for a long time. i know what i need to do but sometimes that's the hardest part!

we're busy into softball season

and trying to start out business.. did i ever mention that? yeah, we've been working on it for the last year and a half. now that i have my settlelment (broken leg), we're diving into our own money and gettin this thing started just as my dad's store has closed. so no income and throwing money into a new adventure. i can't tell you how scarey it is! but i guess the scarier the better?

i'll leave with a few pics of our latest adventures. i plan to be back much sooner this time!!

happy flippin easter! can't you tell!


Devri said...

What? YOur on FB and I didn't know bout it? man, freind me already! I am in a funk too, lets funk together. I wish I had a settlement for my foot, I got nothing but a bumb foot for the rest of my life. dangit! oh well, love the photo of your son in the cage. can I borrow it when your done? HAppy Easter! lol they look tired:)

Tristan said...

I'm glad we at least have FB to communicate!

Starting your own business is scary, we can totally relate. But we also know that you have to take big risks to get big rewards. So I'm supporting you 100% Good luck my friend!

utmomof 5 said...

That Easter pic is just too funny :)

Good luck with the new business!!

LA Adams said...

I just started laughing when I saw that Easter picture. So last year at our house was such a pain with the older boys not wanting to go out Easter Egg hunting with Rachel. This year with the other on a mission it left just Michael and Rachel. I told them one of the eggs had a $20 bill. Ahh, a very fun, furious, fast hunt. I recommend it.

mother goose said...

thanks so much for leaving a comment on Warrior's mission call.
WE will definitely have to keep up. I can't believe you live so close to Roseville, CA! what a beautiful place.

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