October 22, 2010

tap. tap...

hello... is this thing on?

you know it's been a LONG LONG time ince you've dusted off.. or even looked at your blog whne your cute background is gone!

where do I begin after a very very long hiatus? do i begin again? Fb has kinda taken over. it's short & to the point. and i can just publish pictures stright from my iphoto..

so, should i or shouldn't i? i've got a lot goin on that I would love to share... that is if there's anyone left ot share it with? i guess i could do it for my posterity?

my intention is to start blogging again! there, i said it. don't hold your breath, but i think i just might do it!!!


LA Adams said...

If you write it I'll read it!!

Julie P said...

I'm reading, too! :)

Heidi said...

Darling header photo! That's Pier 39, right?

Unknown said...

How did I not know about all the things you have going???? What a cool life.
So glad to hear good things about you guys!

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