July 7, 2008


So.... daddy has had the long standing record of bop-it. This fun (meaning annoying and fight causing) game has been in hiding for a long time. We cleaned out the game closet last week and it was found again. So the constant competition has begun. Dad had the record of about 123 in a row. It was the high score. 

Until Sunday night. Katelynn was plugging away, very much in the zone, and all of a sudden the thing stopped and started playing music. She had the new high score of 223. It was quite exciting.

Well..... daddy wasn't about to let that happen. He doesn't let the kids win. He thinks it builds character. So, while I'm out in the tent..... he gets a new high score of 250! Will the madness ever end??  

(if you don't know what extreme Bop-it is, get one. It's actually fun. You can play solo or pass it!)


utmomof5 said...

That picture is too funny!!! Congrats to Dad -- tell Katelynn to keep practicing!!

katie said...

I do not envy you. Competetive people in my house? Noooo, no idea what that's like.


Hill said...

Hi! I'm blog surfing-yours is great! Did you know you can actually beat Bop-It? If you play successfully long enough, it will stop and say you've won! I'm guessing it's around a score of 300. Anyway, have a nice day!