August 30, 2008

Talk and lesson!

I have just finished preparing my talk that I have to give tomorrow in church. We ARE the new people and I guess 3 weeks is long enough. Oh, and my new calling is teaching Sunday School for the 14 yr olds. On the upside, that is my daughters class. She's the only girl that has been in the class since these boys were in nursery! There's only about 5 boys - young men - so needless to say, I think their smitten! But who wouldn't be with my beauty? 

(drumstick in mouth)
Wish me luck. I struggled with what to talk on, they let me choose, which I think is harder. So silly me decided to talk on faith and how to have it. Not a broad topic or anything! I just pray I won't make a fool of myself! 

(by the way, we ALL get to talk. Katelynn, Mark, and ME. Andrew opted out which was ok for now. He doesn't understand that it will be his turn soon enough.... My mom has the girls in SF for the weekend, so It's just us big kids)


utmomof5 said...

Thanks for the explination of what is in her mouth -- I was very confused :)

Hope the talk went well -- I have somehow gone 3 years in our ward without having to do that!! (knock on wood)

andrea said...

if i was in your ward, i would sit in the front row and throw spitballs at you, just to see if i could make you laugh during your talk.

the bishop would love it.

Anonymous said...

Andrew doesn't want to speak in front of a bunch of people?! Who would've thunk it.


You'll do fabulous!