October 27, 2008

Busy Weekend

Friday was the Harvest Festival at school (for which I made cupcakes for the ever lovin cake walk) Good thing we went cause the power went out @ 5, thank goodness for gas stoves :)

Emma enjoying her sugar stick, bad but oh so good
Rebecca won these too cute pilgrim hat cookies @ the cake walk
(fudge stripe cookies, upside down, yellow frosting, peanut butter cup, orange frosting)
I think we'll make some for Thanksgiving!
Saturday was clean up the house day, followed by our combined Trunk or Treat. I think Emma woulda won the costume contest, if there was one (says she!)

Can you guess what she is????

Keep guessing!!!

You guessed it! The sun is out today for sure! 
(I forgot to take a pic of her in curlers. I put them in @ noon and took them out @ 5:30)

My sweet Rebecca, the cowgirl. She is as easy going as they come! Thanks, kiddo, for making things easy on Mom!
Trunk or treat. There were 3 wards doing it together and there were more cars NOT handing out candy than there were that were. I was hoping to replenish my candy but I guess I have to buy more!

The after math of our teenagers hand out candy out of our trunk
(maybe that's why I don't having anymore candy for Halloween!) 
Ok, maybe it wasn't the BUSIEST weekend, but it sure felt like it. Maybe that's cause I didn't get a good nap on sunday! But we did have a kickin dinner! BBQ chicken, homemade mac n cheese, and our favorite rice casserole. All out side, too! Sorry no pics, 


devri said...

I love the bet your bottom dollar costume, and her hair- bam!!!!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I guessed it! She makes a darling Orphan A. What a great dinner--I think we would have just had the chicken and I would have called it quits. I'm so undomestic that way. I think it is criminal that more cars weren't handing out candy. We had our trunk or treat Saturday night and Roy wanted to go candyless (and still get candy) and I said no way hosea! Snot right!

Tristan said...

Emma makes a WAY cute Little Orphan Annie!

andrea said...

i was going to say exactly what tristan said, except instead of "way" i was gonna say "really".

true story!

Samantha said...

HIllary Emmas costume is so cute! It is such a great year to be Annie, this is the anniversary of Annie!