October 2, 2008

Ladies Retreat...

A couple weekends ago my new ward that we moved into had a women's retreat. I guess they do it every year. My sweet husband said go, so I did. It's hard for me to throw myself into a new situation, where I don't know many people, but I did it any way. (I'm growing up, I guess)

On of the girls in our ward, her mom, graciously has it at her home. As you can see, I'm glad I went. She has the most amazing home. She calls it's style "Victorian Country". I loved it! She didn't have to much Halloween stuff up yet, but she said to come back at Christmas and it's even better.

Here's a little tour.....

To drive up the hill and see this home is like driving into a movie. It was amazing!

Fabulous front porch, with wrap around porch. My favorite style ever!

(see, wrap around porch)

View from said front porch

Amazing kitchen

She had the most amazing things tucked into every corner of her home. It was like being a a real doll house or something (but much bigger!)
Witches to be put out later! (not very churchy I guess)

View of back acres! My kids would love those trees!

The 3 girls I got to sleep with :) (they were in the out side studio with me and 2 other girls. We stayed up gabbing until 2:30 in the AM. I was pretty useless for the rest of the day :) 

Thanks for a great time. Can't wait til next year.


Tristan said...

That looks like so much fun!! The house is absolutely amazing!

utmomof5 said...

That looks like it should be in a movie!! Beautiful home!! I love a nice wrap around porch too :)

Phoebe said...

Wow! Sounds like my kind of ward! I'm glad you put yourself out there a made few friends, Who wouldn't love spending tinme with Hillary?

Heidi Ashworth said...

Um, Hillary, you and I should bunk together because that is my dream house, too! The kitchen, man! She has tons of Halloween stuff up--she might actually have more than I do. Yikes! Well, she has more storage, no doubt. P.S. Proud of you! Those gals are lucky to have you in their ward!

Katie said...

so jealous ms hillary... LOVE the porch.

And hello... yes I do check your blog as often as I can missy!

Katie said...

okay, ignore above... I just saw all the ones I missed. Hanging head low... sigh.

I promise to be better!