April 10, 2009


this is right outside my front door. the smell is divine. 
it is even more open a fragrant now, then in the picture. it's jasmine, by the way!

So, it's been awhile. I just haven't been too much in the bloggin mood. I guess now that I'm driving (can I get an woo hoo!), 13 weeks later. I drove home from Chico last weekend. It was pretty liberating. I've felt like being a little more active. Which leads to a tired leg at the end of a day, but a happy husband, now that he's not the sole driver!

We've been pretty busy. Baseball and softball. Easter parties in school. Spring break this week. Working. Dentist office visits (trying to use it up so I can quit paying for cobra). Been trying to stay out of stores. I saved A LOT of money not being able to leave the house on my own. (I just got back from Target, all by myself. I have a new outlook on shopping. Don't go if you want to not spend money. But it's all good)

I agreed to teach a lesson this week in Relief Society. On Easter Sunday. Singing in the choir. Teaching my Sunday School class, too. (I'm just gonna practice my RS lesson on them:) 

I want so much to be a better person. I am working on it. I want to me my true self. Sometimes I don't let her out or acknowledge her. Even though I know she deserves to be present and in charge. (sounds weird, huh? but it's not) I am working on being present with myself. It can be scary sometimes. I have to just BE. Be in the present. be in the moment. there are lots of things that i could be freaking out about right now. But,   I'm not. I know that the power of my Savior is with in me. I have and continue to give IT to him. Sometimes not all the way, but I'm working on it. A few of you have helped me along the way. I can forgive my self for not being what I think I should be and accept myself for being who I am.

I am so thankful for my Savior and His atonement. I know that when I fall short, He picks me up and makes me whole!

Happy Easter!

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Jan the crazy lady said...

Happy Easter Hillary.

I think you are a great person. You are being hard on yourself.

Take care and glad you have been good busy.