July 20, 2007

The Farmers Market

Emma, Katelynn, and I headed off to the Concord Farmer's Market yesterday evening. We met my sister and her family. I haven't been there this season and it is packed. So many people come for the "music in the park". The band was pretty good. Emma wanted to play on the play structure, I wanted to walk around and katelynn wanted some peaches. We managed all 3!

Emma and cousin Cheyenne

One of the vendors sells mammoth potatoes, loaded with the works. A nice dinner for 2. We had fun, just 2 of my girls and me.


chloe elizabeth said...

So fun...I need to find out if there are farmer's markets here. I loved all of the "marches" in Europe. What a good time!

Denae said...

You need to get Ashley to start a blog! How fun that your kids can play with hers and have cousin time. The farmers market up here is nice too and they have a band in the park which we went to once and it was a blast!