September 6, 2007

How much do you blog?

68%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2 - Dating Site

I found this on a "friends" blog (someone I don't know but want to). My husband says I'm addicted. It could be worse!


Julie P said...

I'm not brave enough to take the quiz. Too worried what the answer will be!!!

Tristan said...

We are friends even though we have not met in person. Maybe we should arrange that someday :)

Phoebe said...

I agree. I don't want to know!

Shannon Bousfield said...

Hey, it's so cool to find friends like this! I'm still new to this blogging thing and trying to figure it all out, but having fun learning. So glad to read about your and your cute family. (Too bad we didn't hook up before you came to Disneyland...we live in Long Beach.)