September 15, 2007

One Pan Taco Dinner

If you want a REALLY easy dinner, you have to try this. It's one of my favorites to pull out when I can't think of anything else.
I found this recipe on the back of a Minute Rice box that my sister in law gave me when the moved. (And I hate minute rice.)
Here it is:

1lb ground beef
1 pkt (1 1/40z) taco seasoning
2c Minute White Rice, uncooked
1c shredded cheese

1. Using a large skillet or pot with lid, brown meat; drain - put back in pan.
2. Add 2c water & seasoning mix; stir. Bring to boil.
3. Stir in rice. Sprinkle with cheese; cover. Cook on low for 5 minutes!

I ususally double this recipe. I use the taco seasoning from costco and add a bunch. I use more than 1 cup of cheese, too.
They suggest adding lettuce and tomatoes. I have added avocado and more cheese. We like to use chips to scoop it with. Always add a plop of sour cream, too. So fast and easy. A good one for the kids to help/make. Every one loves this dinner. Even my picky kid. I have to be careful to not make it too often, or it will be burned out.

Do you have any REALLY easy meal to share??? Please do!



Denae said...

Am I so starving right now? Cause looking at this meal is making my mouth water. Thanks for the recipe... I love easy ones.

Tristan said...

This sounds and looks like a good one. I will have to try it out!

Phoebe said...

I will have to try this one out. We love anything that resembles nachos.