January 18, 2008

Ribs with Gramma

I'm going back a few weeks to report on my MIL time here. The last couple of times she has come to visit us from Florida, she has made ribs. SO the kids always ask when she will is coming and will she make ribs. So she did. Right before we had our kitchen ripped out (next post). Andrew got a lesson on basting with bbq sauce, and the rest of us got to devour them :)

Thanks, Gram, for the best ribs EVER!


Paige said...

Your kitchen is gone? How are you gonna cook for me?

Jessica said...

Bad timing...I'm starving and I can't decide what to do for dinner. Thanks a lot.

heidizinha said...

oh...my.... ribs are our FAVORITE thing that Don and Marsha cook. If they weren't so expensive, we could ask for them all the time.

p.s. i haven't tried the lasagna, but after my pot roast experience I should only cook ree approved meals. how do you tweak it?

and p.p.s (or p.s.s.?) your kids look just like Miles. Family genes are amazing.