February 11, 2008

"It Feels Good to be 5"

That's what Emma said this morning. I don't remember a child being so excited about her birthday as she has been.Remember this? This was the outcome. Lots of playdoh ( I got a lot for really cheap)
About 10 minutes of little girls not so interested in playdoh.
Then cupcakes and ice cream.

then we danced to her new Hannah Montana CD.(i tried to download the movie clip, but sadly, I couldn't)

Then they went home. Then off to softball practice for Emma, which begins my shuttle service for all 4 kids. It is officially baseball/softball season. That will fill my blog to no end!


Stie: My Favorite Things said...


You need to post recipe and instructions for those beautiful heart-shaped cupcakes, please!

Denae said...

Darling cupcakes and happy birthday to Emma! I read on Nancy's that you were in the er. Hope everything's ok. And I'm so excited for your hawaii trip! Excite and jealous.

utmomof5 said...

Boy I wish I could say it feels good to be (insert my age here)!!!

AHH the innocence of a child. =)


katie said...

i HATE baseball season with the kiddies. sorry, but I do.


Tristan said...

The cupcakes look sooo yummy! Happy Birthday Emma!