February 7, 2008

My little sister is sooo cool!!!

She is a STAR magnet! You'd be surprised at all the amazing people she meets. She is not the least bit afraid or awkward around them. She interns @ A B C and the other day she had a long talk with the 27 dresses actress. She's amazing! Love you Daph!

if you didn't know (Paige) she's from the Office!)


katie said...

lucky girl! and look how lucky SHE is to have such an amazing sis like YOU!

Paige said...

Cool, but who is that star??

utmomof5 said...

I love the office!! It took me a minute to realize who she is. I knew I knew her but it is late.


John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Whoa... that is awesome. I knew immediately who that was! So does she know allt he latest with the writer's strike? Do TELL!