November 2, 2008

sorry, I was wet!

I was late picking a winner - sorry Celia! - busy Saturday, followed by Adult session of Stake Conference.

My hubby helped me pick the winners when we got home.

Doesn't he look happy to help? He didn't want to be in the picture... never trust a blogger!
The winner of the Slippers is....... Janelle W!

The winner of the tingler is..... utmomof5 ( I know I know your REAL name, but I'm drawing a blank :)  ( send me your address and REAL name : to beamishfamily at mac dot com)

I wish you all could've won! I have access to 2 more tinglers, if anyone is interested, I could probably get you a real good deal ;)

I was compelled to do a giveaway because, well, I was in the giving mood, and you guys gave me the highest # of comments EVER! No, really because you have all been there for me a high times and low times and I just want to thank you for that! I love reading and drawing from you strengths and weaknesses. I don't feel like I am alone in the world of motherhood. I love you all and thank you for your friendships - be it cyber or real life!

Now go raid your kids candy!


andrea said...

i was gonna say something, but it's hard to talk with all these laffy taffy's in my mouth...

utmomof5 said...

Oh my goodness I am so excited!!! I love the tingler :)

I really want to raid my kids candy but dang it it is fast sunday!!! Argg!!

Tristan said...

Darn! I really wanted the slippers! But Congrats to the winners!

Janelle said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy! I love being a winner. I'll email you soon with my address.

Thank you Hillary, I needed some new slippers.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I can see, based on the amount of Reese's compared to the other varieties of candy, that we should have gone trick or treating in your neighborhood. I can never get enough of those things! Unless they are stale, then, gah!