January 25, 2009

4x4 or 6x6

So this fun post is flying around through the blogisphere and I thought I'd do it, since I have nothing better to do!

I guess you go to your 4th or 6th photo file and post your 4th or 6th photo from within that file and tell about the picture.  (I've seen the 4 or 6 going around so I thought I'd do both!

I cheated a little bit. My brother loaded a bunch of photos in to our computer when we first got it and MACs store and sort everything for you in order (which I love) but for this, I wanted pictures that I had taken, not someone else (I had mom's in there, too)

So this one is of my oldest many years ago at the SF ZOO on a field trip. I don't think she liked me taking pictures of her and her friends. She still doesn't!
(I think this is a better picture than the one I shoulda put... an elephants' rear!)
 This one (6) is of Emma, cousin and auntie playing patty cake on other auntie's kitchen table. All my babies were budda babies! The girls are 3 weeks apart.

I guess who ever reads this is supposed to go do it, too. So go, do it, it's fun to reminisce! 


Heidi Ashworth said...

Cute picture of Wendy, too!

devri said...

Cute cute cute.. I miss you on my blog.. did I get too boring? lol

::Jan:: said...

I miss patty cake playing Hillary. I love that one of Emma and the cousin and auntie. So cute. The first photo is a classic.

Samantha said...

Those pictures are adorable, I will never forget that night with Emma and Baby Claire. I think it is hilarious that your friend Heidi thinks that I am wendy.