January 21, 2009


I am very grateful for this little number here. My dad hooked us up before the "break". This newest member of our family has come in very handy. It is really hubby's chair, but he loves me so much that it's mine for now. It reclines, 0-gravity, it's motorized, oh, and did I mention, it massages, too? Yeah, it's really good for my circulation, since I don't get up from it to often. (btw - do you know how many judge shows are on during the day? just curious. I do, and it's a whole lot!!)

I needed to find a few reasons to be grateful right now. I'm up late cause I can't sleep and I don't want to take any nor-cos.  As I was lying in bed I was thinking of all the things I want to be able to do, which I haven't been able to do for the past 18 days.....  I hope to come out of this with new appreciation for my body and what it can do for me.

I am thankful to be able to:

stand at the kitchen sink and do dishes

carry loads of laundry to the laundry room and wash/fold clothes

tuck my kids in at night

take a shower by myself
(sorry, no picture of that one ;)

be graceful!

get dressed by myself

drive a car

 (I was going to re-start a program called couch potato to 5k in 8 weeks. I did it before but never finished. I am ready to face a new year and be a new me.)

take my kids to school

go to church

go anywhere!!!

Truthfully, I'm doing ok. My spirits are high & low. The pain comes and goes. BUt the love of my life is right next to me. No matter where I am each day. He has become the mom/dad. He cleans, he cooks (so do the ladies from church :), he taxi's the kids around, he coaches Andrew's baseball team, he's opening a new business, he works for my dad a few days a week, he worries constantly about me (we even have separate blankets in bed so he won't accidently hurt me).
I love you, babe. Thanks for taking care of me. I owe you one!

(see why Im so thankful. now I will be thankful to go to bed and fall right to sleep!)


andrea said...

i'm sorry, i'm a little confused by the "motorized" chair. is it like the hoveround? does it take you places? do you get a special parking permit for it? is it for indors AND out?

you married a nice guy. congrats.

utmomof 5 said...

Sometimes we need trials to remind us of what we really have! Glad you are seeing the silver lining :)

Sounds like you got one good hubby there!!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Ah, how sweet! Cute pic of your hubby, too!

Samantha said...

OH you poor thing! What a sweet family you have to be so helpful...I really can't imagine what an ordeal this has all been for all of you, but I am sure it is making you stronger!