February 10, 2009

I'm in for LOVE WEEK

Denae is having her second annual LOVE WEEK. Post things you love every day this week.  

LOVE this idea!
I'm thinking I might just do pictures!

My Rebecca, lover of all things beautiful
New babies and my sister having them (this is here 2nd, 3rd will be here soon)
My childhood home
My 1st baby, lover of softball and old enough to start tryouts to day for the high school team! (is this possible?)
My sweetest boy. He is lover of all things boy! 
(especially noises coming out of his body!)

This is fun. Can't wait for tomorrow! I love what Julie is doing, too.Maybe next year or next month!


::Jan:: said...

Such a LOVEly week to think about for the upcoming love day of Valentines. Great pictures. The one in the flowers is just precious.

SFMiles said...

Great Idea! YOur kids look so darling! How are you doing? feeling any better? Ashely will have the 3rd or 4th boy in the family?
I'm hoping we'll be next for the 4th or 5th oh gosh at this point I don't care I JUST WANT A BOY!!!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Love it! Thanks!

Christie said...

Why do boys love it when noises come out of their bodies? I will never understand that.

andrea said...

andrew should hook up with keola. MASTER of armpit farts.

Jenn said...

I remember that childhood home. I loved that house!!!