February 11, 2009

Love #2

Today(yesterday's) is one of my LOVE'S birthday. 6 yrs ago this little diva came into our lives. We are a better family for it!

Not the first birthday
Second birthday
Happier second birthday

3rd birthday
I think we were all sick for her 4th birthday. sorry baby.
5th birthday
6th birthday

6 things I LOVE about Emma
She loves her family
She is very creative
She is patient with me
She has the best laugh
She LOVES school
She is the best secretary around!

I LOVE you Emma Happy Birthday


Heidi Ashworth said...

Please tell your little love happy birthday from me and that I miss her beautiful smile in primary every sunday!

utmomof 5 said...

Happy Birthday to Emma!! I like all her birthday pictures (well minus one anyway!)

Tristan said...

Happy Birthday Emma! She is so cute!

Phoebe said...

I can't believe it's been 6 years since I was visiting you in the hospital?!
I still maintain that you have the most beautiful babies ever!

andrea said...

holy smokes, by that 6th year, she turned into your mini-me! she looks exactly like you.