June 23, 2009

garden update

I haven't posted in a while... been busy, I guess? Now getting ready for family to descend in Folsom (20 of us for the 4th of July!) It's gonna be fun and crazy all at the same time. So I've got cleaning on organizing to do (like dig out kids rooms so if cousins want to sleepover, they can!)

Thought I'd update our garden..... It has been one of the best experiences for me and our kids. 

Remember this post?

Can you find Emma?

Anxiously awaiting the color red!

Had to put a little color in the garden, too.

Anyone want some zucchini? Or a cucumber! 
It's like heaven right out side our door!

Just cause


Julie P said...

I'm so envious! It's looking so good and your garden is SO big compared to ours (hate those UT winters!).

the wrath of khandrea said...

wow. you weren't kidding.

i am envious. i'm so sick of slurping down squishy, flavorless grocery store tomatoes.

Tristan said...

I am totally envious! Look at those veggies! YUM!