May 21, 2009

The Prophet said to plant a garden

... so that's what we'll do.... 

I always sing that little primary song when I go out and water our garden. I have always wanted to plant a garden and now we have the space and ability to do so! It has been so much fun. We check it every day to see what's new.  I can't believe how fast it's grown!

The planting 4/13/09
see how tiny our tomatoes are?
not so tiny anymore!

almost as tall as Emma
The hill side of squash! Bring on the zuccinni bread!
Still waiting for the watermelon to do SOMETHING!
Any one know about giant cabbages??
 Rebecca started this @ school and we kept it alive on the windowsill. 
Now that's it's planted... it's gotten HUGE!!!
The first "fruit" of our labors


Jan the crazy lady said...

Way to grow Hillary.

heidizinha said...

the cabbage kind of looks like kale, which was the staple of portuguese soups (where i went on my mission).

utmomof 5 said...

Umm, I is quite possible that I have the blackest thumb of anyone. I will attempt a garden this year. If I get a few tomatoes I will be happy.

Your garden looks great!!

Christy said...

So that is what Jared's mystery plant is supposed to be. Ours too is huge. Your Garden looks beautiful!

The best thing you can give someone is a chance! said...

i'm still sticking to cauliflower for your mystery plant... haha. i am however going to show my dad and see what he says...i'll get back to you