June 5, 2009

Schools Out

2 friday's ago my girls and my mom and i took off for the weekend 

to spend time with these people!
(this was our view from the hotel. the universal sheraton!)

Cousins who we miss VERY  much

And to met our newest cousin. baby cody

the fun fountain at city walk

then we headed up to spend time with these cousins for the night

(lucy's missing from the pic)

(thanks for coming with me Katelynn! it was fun to have you along)

while we were in la, we had to stop at one of the best cupcake shops ever.
the before
the after
the end!


the wrath of khandrea said...

i like your new header picture, and the before and after shots are hilarious! glad you got to get away.

Jan the crazy lady said...

So fun. I am so glad you started the summer off with a bang em up. Love the cupcakes and the faces. :)

Tristan said...

What a really fun vacation! MMMM cupcakes! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

SFMiles said...

I love the new header picture! I need one. I'm so happy that you guys got to take a little trip to L.A... how fun!

Ashley said...

Dude! I think you can see my brain! we had so much fun~can't wait until our next visit on the fourth of july! Love u...

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