May 25, 2009

Let Summer Begin!

I just love these random traveling carnivals, don't you?
Where you drop $20 just to go on 3 rides each? 

These 2 have been the best of pals all weekend. 
I hope it rings true all summer! Cross your fingers xxx
Emma was nice enough to go with this little boy 
cause you can't ride alone, you know!
Dad had to ride on this one cause, well, I've had recent surgery :)
Emma was very brave and loved the slide
Becca liked it, too!
Normally we drive right by those and tell the kids horror stories of these traveling carnivals :) But the 2 oldest were out of town so we took the girls, just the 2 of them (it's been a long time since we've only had 2) and treated them to a quick run through the carny. Don't know why it was there, but whatever. I'm assuming to celebrate Memorial day? It's been here since last tuesday! Go figure. Maybe the people of Folsom are bigger suckers than the rest of em. Who knows. But we had fun. We went to the new yogurt place in town, too. It was fun to enjoy my little ones, before they aren't so little anymore!
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utmomof 5 said...

I did that once as a teenager but I have never taken my kids. I always worry about the drunk guy that put the rides together. (Not that I have any idea who put them together but that is the scary story I heard once as a kid)

Jenibelle said...

My children want you for a mother.
I won't let mine go to the "stow and go" carnival. If people who don't have teeth are putting up the rides, I don't trust them.

Heidi Ashworth said...

For some reason dropping in on those carnivals spur of the moment is the funnest way to go. The pics are great!

Lance and Kim said...

Looks like fun! I am having fun with little Kambridge--hope to be home soon. Lance is home with the boys.

Babe in Babeland said...

Hi! I like your blog. The carnival looks like fun. And yay for you for planting a garden! I LOVE gardens. But it's hard to do in NYC. Ah well...maybe one day when we get a piece of land somewhere.