August 25, 2009

first day of school... 2 weeks late :)

last day of school 6/09
(saturday before the first day of school, she has early morning seminary @ 6am..
I was up , butI didn't dare ask for a pic :)

last day of school

first day of school 8/10/09
not much difference, huh?
last day 08
first day

last day

first day!
i love my kids but i'm glad they're back in school. i don't love going through gas a lot faster then over the summer! gee wizz!


Tristan said...

Your kids are so cute! They grow so fast don't they?

Devri said...

I looked at my kids end of the school photos yesterday, they looked so much younger, I hate how fast they grow up! and yes, I hate all the gas too!

Yours grew over the summer too, dangit! they are adorable, yes, even the boy!

LA Adams said...

What a great idea first and last days - very beautiful children.