August 12, 2009

wedding pics... lots of them... beware...

got to be a part of 2 amazing weddings last weekend. here's some of the pictures. i love being an integral part of someones most amazing day. i am thankful for my talents...

car was PACKED full. this is from the back of the car.

watering can centerpieces.
i loved these and they were SUPER easy to do!

can you tell that i loved these???

tossing bqt
brides maid's

bridal bouquet

part of the backyard. i want one of these when i get my own house!

bridal bouquet

bride's maids bqt
(still in the cooler, but whatever... we were busy!)

flower girl wand for the 2 yr old!

table centerpieces.
i'm sure they were more amazing
after the sun went down & the candles lit!

we didn't do the cake but isn't it beautiful?

just 'cause they looked so good

deco on pool gate.
you had to carefully walk around the pool to get to the food.
i hope no one fell in!

these are some of my favorite decorations at a wedding.
they belong to a family that loans them to friends.
we have used them for several weddings...
katelynn wants some for her wedding reception!
i think we'll get our own from crate & barrel. i want them in my own yard!

and..... Katelynn thinks she wants to be in the "flower biz", too. would i ever take over for my mom and have my girls help me too? even if i had thought of it myself.... i don't dare to dream...

she was having a blast and very proud of her work :)
during a break in the day, we happened upon a farmers market about 4 blocks from where i grew up. mom and i had a fun break and even ran into old friends and neighbors

so if you're in walnut creek on saturday mornings from 8am - 1pm until october... head over to kaiser at shadelands, on n. wiget lane.... huge market and so much fun! yummy crepes, too!


Tristan said...

OOOOOHHHH! That is the one of absolute glorious things I miss about California...the farmer's markets! That fresh produce looks absolutely divine!!

The flowers are so gorgeous! You are so talented! I think you should take over for your Mom and you and your girls run it!

Erika said...

Hmmm...farmer's market...only 45 minutes away. I think I need to go.

utmomof 5 said...

Okay I like the first wedding but the #2 stuff is sooooooo my style!! LOVE IT!!! You are amazing.

the wrath of khandrea said...

breathtaking. absolutely. and those berries have me salivating over here.

where do you guys get all those flowers from? how does that work, exactly?

Shannon Bousfield said...

Your mom is amazing, and the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. You look like a pretty good apprentice to me! Dying to know whose weddings those were and if there anyone I know from (ee gads!) 20+ years ago when I lived in WC. Has it been that long?!

LA Adams said...

Ahhh, Hilary you are so talented. Very beautiful!