August 6, 2009

my favorite sunflower from the garden...
yes, i have a favorite!

i've been a pretty lousy blogger lately. i could make up all kinds of excuses... ones like.... i'm stressed to the gills about our business and why the heck the bank won't hurry up and loan us the $ we need. or things like how are we gonna pay our bills.

but i don't like dwelling on those things. i know there is a plan for us and that we are here where we need to be. it's just hard.

so i fill up, well not really fill up, my blog with things from my garden. i have loved being part of the earth and experiencing little every day miracles out there. it brings me closer to heaven. so here's a couple more pics of the garden ......

getting a little sparse looking. tomatoes are heavy
and i need a good recipe for them!
curly cucumber. so far no luck with a good cuke.
they have all been SO bitter! major bummer

a surprise watermelon!
it tried so hard for so long and now we have success!
(this pic 7/29/09)
(yes, i need a pedicure!)

todays size! 1 week later!
i really want to do a better job of blogging the memories of my family for postery's sake. school starts monday, so i think i'll have a little more time soon!!!


Jan said...

Love that little Barbie watermelon :)

Tristan said...

I hope your watermelon turns out! Your garden looks fun!

utmomof 5 said...

Life can be quite stressful can't it!? Hope things work out for you soon. I hope the watermelon is super yummy :)