October 5, 2007

My Righteous 4 Year Old

Yesterday I had to work all day and my sister couldn't watch Emma. She has a friend who loves Emma and she really helped me out. Our friend has a baby and a 20 yr old. Well, the girls all went shopping. They drug Emma around here and there. When the 20 yr old was trying on a shirt she asked Emma what she thought. Without hesitating Emma replied " That shirt is very unappropriate!" Out of the mouths of babes!!! You go girl. Maybe our kids DO listen. Just not at home. I am very proud of her and hope she feels the same way when she is older and has a bit more of a choice of clothes!

(Emma informed me that is was a see-through white shirt and you could see her bra!)


Tristan said...

Aaww! What a good little girl!

Nortorious said...

Does Emma maintain garment standards as well? Does she pin them into her tank top?
Very admirable little girl, and cute too!

Laura said...

Your kids are too cute. Also, have you ever used google reader? You can keep up on everyones blogs VERY easily. Chole Andersen showed it to me and it has been wonderful!!