October 22, 2007


I just went over our cell phone billl with my 13yr old, who pays for her texting - and we discovered that she went over by 130 texts. Which equals 13.00. Fortunately this was caught before it was 130.00. I thought I had this under control but I guess not. She was so shocked that she had almost 4000 texts - what do they even say to each other? (actually I know because one of the rules is that I can read them whenever I want and she's not suposed to erase them...) I didn't have to get too mad, though. The look on her face when she realized how many it really was was pretty much priceless. I think she got the point. Anybody need a babysitter? She's good and pretty cheap :)


My 7 yr old has been complaining that her shoes didn't fit - I just bought her some right before school. This is my child that grows and grows and grows and doesn't stop. She has grown and inch since June! Anyway, I think the last size we got her was, maybe a 5 from Target. Well, we went to payless - because when you have to pay for 4 kids in shoes, it's ridiculous! We tried the 5's. No luck, We tried the 5.5's. No luck. I had the lady measure her feet on the women's measure thing and low and behold... A 7!!! She ended up in a 7.5! My sweet little baby girl is 7.5 yrs old and wearing a women's 7.5 in shoes. I don't know if I can take it. I just hope her period holds off for a while! UGHHHH! My girl is always in pain, too. The constant growing is almost unbearable for her. But it's driving me crazy and breaking our bank.

Any body have any hand me downs? She's wearing a size 12 in clothes, too. I can't keep up with her!


Denae said...

Hillary! That must be expensive having a kid grow so fast. I wish my kids would grow. Logan is 5 and can still wear a size 3. But I buy him a 5 and wait and wait for him to grow into it! Also, about the text's I have no advice on that- sorry!

Paige said...

Just be glad she carries the phone with her. My 7 year old has a Firefly phone and forgets to carry it and it bugs me. Cute picture of her!

Phoebe said...

Yikes! You should see Henry. He is probably 2 inches taller than the last time you saw him 3 years ago:)