November 8, 2007

"Are you going to put this on your blog?"

Asked Rebecca, when Emma was in tears as her gum got stuck in her hair and I grabbed the camera.

"Please don't put this on your blog", cried Emma, hysterically.

"I want my gum!!!", she wailed.

Normally I would have been upset, but strangely enough, I grabbed my camera. "What a great blog this would be!" I am truely a blogger now. I believe a true blogger sees a situation and askes themselves, "What can I write about this?"
I am proud to be a blogger mom. I can keep track of the funny/horrible things my kids do with a better attitude.

I cut the gum out of Emma's hair (no I didn't use peanut butter because I didn't want a bigger mess. Besides, her hair is curly and nobody will know).

She misses her curl! (her words!)

(Emma gave me permission to use her photos's and blog about her experience :)


Paige said...

Oh poor baby. But it's our crazy kids that keep us blogging. Good job with the camera and the poor little girl with the curls!

Laura said...

I feel sad that you cut it out of her hair, her curls are so cute. Next time you can use an acetone based polish remover and it will get it out lickety split.

Celia Fae said...

I love this benefit of blogging. You get to immediately see the humor of an awful situation. Sometimes I don't know what I am going to write about, so I wait for something blogworthy all day.

chloe elizabeth said...

It's just hair. It grows back. Isn't it interesting how blogging actually makes you look at your life totally differently. And helps you make sure to photographically document those moments you might not have otherwise. I love it. It's my "me" time. And it's way better than watching t.v.

Speaking of, if my time is between t.v. and blogging...blogging always wins.

And I was not a brat!

Celia Fae said...

Heidi and I trade driving Nathan and my kids to the theater every Mon and Wed. We were Laurels together. If you want to see a priceless photo of Heidi, visit Nancy Jacobs (you know her right?)blog around Oct 14. We are all there in our glory!

Phoebe said...

When is Heidi going to start blogging?
Poor Emma, but now she knows that if she does this again she will be put on the World Wide Web.

utmomof5 said...

Kids say the cutest hings sometimes. I love how I look for things to blog about all day long. No matter what I always seem to find something crazy!

Denae said...

Her crying face is the sweetest thing ever. I just want to hug her. And for sure you are now a true blogger!

Valarie said...

HA! I have found since I started blogging that I don't get quite as upset about the weird things my children do because I am too busy trying to snap photos of them doing said things.
Just for the record, I would have cut it out too.

Tristan said...

Blogging is my journal, and I want to document and take a picture of every little thing in our lives now! Poor little girl! It is never fun to have to cut gum out of such pretty hair!