November 24, 2007

Sorry. it's been awhile....

Things are crazy around here. I've been working, getting ready for Thanksgiving here, which was great, and last but not least, getting ready for the boutique is 1 week from today! When I have things, big things, to get finished, or start for that matter, I tend to stress out and panic, which usually involves eating way to much!

(ok, the kids were working)

(a few of the gobblers)
Not to mention that I DID get up and go run to Khols @ 6:30 am, but left because the line was toooo long and I had to work. Then I dashed to Target and was successful there, even got a primo parking space and found a shopping cart when my arms were breaking. Then I got to back to Khol's because there weren't enough patients for me to go in to work. I really wanted a set of silverware they had for cheap and after an hour+ in line, the stupid cashier didn't ring them up. SO I have to go back , but not until next week!

Then we surprised our kids with a trip to Marine World (someone gave us free passes, otherwise there is nooo way in heck we would've gone.) We had fun, but there was some disappointment because not all the good rides were open. Definately NOT at all like Disneyland! I wouldn't suggest going. Especially it took a half hour to get off the freeway with everyone else going :)

Now we're off to my nieces birthday party at Chuck E Cheeses - yes in Fairfield!

I'll catch you up later. Don't forget the BOUTIQUE on Saturday!!!


Celia Fae said...

Keep reminding me about the boutique. We still want to come.

Hope you had a terrific time at Chuck E Grease's.

Paige said...

Don't you mean Six Flags Discovery Kingdom? Because if you are looking for Marine World there is no sign and you will keep driving for 30 miles on the freeway and pass it.

We're in on the boutique, I hope.

utmomof5 said...

I was wondering where you went. Sound slike things have been crazy at your house. If I were in Ca. I would totally be there. I love boutiques. Good Luck this weekend.


Denae said...

I'm hoping to make the boutique too. And so sorry Marine World wasn't the best. I've had bad experiences there so we don't go anymore. But of course if we had free passes we would.

Tristan said...

I understand your stress! But, everything will be so great! See you Friday!

Valarie said...

I went to Kohls to get a set of pans that was super cheap. I got up and went at 4 when thy opened and beat the lines, thank goodness!
I am anxious to hear how the boutique went??

SFMiles said...

I have to say Hill You inspire me. The way you run your home the way you love your family and the way you run your hectic days. I just have to say that If i had four kids I would not be sane. I at times feel so overwhelmed with 2 I'm grateful to have you in my life. I as well as Jared are honored to call you sister. We love you very much thanks for all your support and unconditional love.