March 10, 2008

Women at the Well

(I helped make these trees!!!)

Last night we attended a Fireside presented by the Young Women in our ward. The put on a performance of WOMEN AT THE WELL. I had never seen it before. It is a story about women who had experiences with Christ. The songs were beautiful and it was very well done. My daughter was in a few scenes. Her least favorite being the adulteress.
(about to be stoned)
But, I love what the Savior says, " Go and sin no more". If we do this, it is forgotten to him. I need to be a better example of Christlike ways. Especially being a mom, trying to raise my children in these days. It's hard but I know what I'm doing is right, I only hope my children will see that before they get to old and it's too late.
My husband looked at me and said "She looks just like my mom". She really does.
(never to be let out of the house with this much makeup on!)


utmomof5 said...

I have never seen that before. Your daughter is beautiful!!! Oh my goodness!! We can all use the example of Christ in being better Moms.


andrea said...

where in the world did they come up with such great costumes? no bath towels? no neckties around the head?
great picture of your daughter. did you take that? (still passing judgement on people's photos as i shop for a camera...)

Denae said...

She looks so beautiful Hillary! What a great production. I love when Young Women's does stuff like that.

Jessica said...

What an amazing production! You remind her how much she hated being the scorned woman before every date, okay?

Tristan said...

She is beautiful! What a neat production for her to be apart in! Hopefully she will remember how it felt for the rest of her life! The Young Women's program is the best!

Janelle said...

Great post Hillary. YW are the best. Adulteress is not the best part but it teaches some great principles.

Jenibelle said...

Wow, she is gorgeous, lock her up!
I'm lurking and read a comment you made. Get callouses on your knees and be sure you have just the right friends surrounding you. It helps when you have friends that will love you and be honest when you vent and are scared to death of your children's choices. I'm there, doing that. (As opposed to been there, done that!)

Christie said...

That looks like quite a lavish program for a YW group. Hats off the leaders in your ward for sure. She is sure a beauty.