March 15, 2008

What did you do today?

Thanks everyone for blogging for me and keeping me occupied.  I will try to do better and post more for you. Of course that means no cleaning, no cooking, no working, no base/softball.... That one might be ok.

Anyway, so my question is... What did you do today?

I'll give you a little glimpse into today and I'll post about it tomorrow, after I recover.

( remember this place I told you about? We were here for 10 hours. Through sun, wind and rain)
First was Emma's team. Aren't they the cutest little Marlins you've ever seen? Wait till you see them play!

Then there was Rebecca's team. They're kinda like the sassy Tigers. When you're 7 & 8, it's all about you!

Then you gotta take a break from parades, pictures, carnival rides, stupid games, throwing your money away, and...Oh, yeah, you gotta get cotton candy as big as your head!

On to Andrew's team. See the kid in the bottom right hand corner? Yeah, the one pouting and awnry? Yep, he's mine! I guess there's always a kid who ruins a picture for everyone. It's usually mine. Especially after being out all day, up really early, hungry, cold and just plain miserable!
Last but not least. The beautiful 14/16 Cardinals. They made it through the whole day. Only to be rained on and FREEZING cold. See the spots in the picture? That's rain! 
Yes, by the way, my husband is features in 2 of the 4 pictures. He's managing 2 teams this year. Heaven help us!!
Every Saturday and, probably every night of the week, we'll be out here, playing ball. Say a prayer for me!


utmomof5 said...

WOW!!! You should just get a camper and live at the baseball/softball fields!!! We have cut way bacj on our extra stuff around my house and I love it!!! Iknow it won't last but ishas been so nice.


Paige said...

I can't handle even reading about all that softball/baseball, let alone attending it. You are a star. I'll be on my sofa watching TV and eating cookies while you are the supportive mother on the field.

Hollyween said...


Now I want some cotton candy.
Ya wanna know what I did today? I cleaned my house and I rationalized in my head why it wasn't breaking the sabbath because it's the only day this week where I had time to do it.
And now I feel guilt.

Tristan said...

Ok! I need me a cotton candy as big as my head! YUM! I am starting to feel the whole "soccer mom" or in your case "base/softball mom" thing. Now with Maddie in preschool and dance class I am feelin it and this is only 1 child! She is telling me now that she wants to do soccer! Heaven help us mommies!

andrea said...

i say a little prayer for you...
the moment i wake up
before i put on my makeup
while combing my hair now
and wondering what dress to wear now
i say a little prayer for you

sorry. got a little carried away there. i'm just gonna go now.

Valarie said...

Woah! That is a lot of soft/baseball!

Yum! I want me some head-sized cotton candy!