March 2, 2008

How was your Saturday?

I know I've been gone. I was depressed the last week, but I'm feeling better, thank you. What better way to be snapped out of depression than to spend a full day of softball/baseball. Here, let me tell you about it.....

8:15am ~ leave for church to clean our part (we switched weeks because we were in Hawaii)

Doors locked. Someone came.

8:35 ~ Husband leaves with oldest for her all day long volleyball tournament (church)
9am ~ leave for other church to send husband to get new cleats for youngest (I was hoping we wouldn't need to but I knew it was inevitable) and take said youngest and 3rd oldest to JOBL for practice game fest for 3 kids.

9:30 - 10am ~ watch oldest play volleyball - "Break someone's Clavical"

10:10 ~ leave for home away from home - JOBL

10:30am ~ youngest plays game. So much fun to watch a bunch of 3,4,5, &6 yr olds play softball! Youngest  had a great game. playing short stop. 2 big hits!  A bit chilly and windy

(this little girl didn't want to be there, either)
12:30pm ~ Son's game. Husband is coach. No pictures because of issues with said son. Long story. 

2:30pm ~ 2nd youngest child's game. She loves the game. takes it seriously, but has fun in the process. She's an awesome player. She's going to pitch this year. Getting very windy and cold.

(Rebecca's up at bat. Her best friend is pitching to her)
3pm ~ husband leaves to get oldest from "Woman at the well" practice to bring her back to JOBL for evaluations for her division. Husband coaching her, too. 

3:50 ~ hubby returns, I take youngest and son to son's All Star practice game at a park with a girls name :) hubby stays for evaluations for oldest.

                         (i was obviously not there to take pictures. time for photography class)
4:15 ~ arrive at said park. head coach not there, even though he said be there @ 4pm. (didn't show up til 4:50) Getting very cold and hungry, very grouchy.

5pm ~ leave to get food - luckily it was very close.

5:30pm ~ game starts for son. 9 inning game (didn't know this until 4th inning.) 

6:30pm ~ freezing cold - tired, really, really, tired. Husband on his way. Has to drop of oldest @ dance festival practice. Please hurry.
7:40 ~ oldest calls and needs ride home for her and friends. going to friends house to hang out. leave and don't come back. 
8:15 ~ arrive home. gone for 12 hours. very long day. 
8:45 ~ hubby home with son. kids bathed, into bed. call oldest. tell her to get a ride home. going to bed.
9:30 ~ start fast, fall into bed. not sure when oldest came home.
I'm really tired again. I guess I should end my fast, eat dinner (no, I didn't plan  dinner yet) and go to bed.


andrea said...

wow. all i can say is i'm sorry. i would jump off a bridge* if i had a day that busy!

*legal disclaimer: by no means am i implying you should jump off a bridge.

where's that aloha spirit, sister? don't tell me you've already given it up? great pictures, by the way. your kids owe you big time.

Tristan said...

All I am thinking while I am reading this is "whoa we are not having any more kids!" LOL I can't be that busy I will go CRAZY!

You are in the Supermom category!

Tristan said...
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Phoebe said...

You mean it just gets worse?
I curse basball and Henry's love of it. I am trying to talk him into something easier, like....nothing!

onthegomom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

This day sounded crazy busy, congrats for making it through it and all of you alive and intact! WHEW!