March 23, 2008

Happy Easter! 2008

I want to say I'm sorry for slacking. This post was started on Sunday. I'm hanging on by the skin of my teeth (even though teeth don't have skin) Kids have been off this week and I have been working. So I've had barely enough time to breath! I'm not quitting, just easing off a bit. I even missed a mini blog party today. I had to take a little r&r at my mom's. I had the 2 little girls, so it wasn't really r&r, but whatever!
Now, on to my Sunday Post....

I am stealing the Sunday Synopsis from my friends Celia and Paige. I have been depressed and really busy and at the baseball fields until late every night. That's not gonna change for a couple of months. So I'm takin a new approach. I'll do a weekly summary and more if I can. I'll try to think up a different name so there isn't any "copy right infringement". 
So here it is.....
not much to report. Worked. I think someone had practice.
Worked. I think 3 kids had practice , had to drop rice off at church for RS bday dinner. Pick up team mate of one of kids. Off to baseball. Drop off 1, then the next, back to 1st, help coach practice. Race out to 2nd switch kids and cars with hubby. Race to church for another performance of Woman at the Well.  Grab piece of bread off table for dinner. Enjoy performance.

Get home to find hubby awnry cause on players parents showed up 45 minutes after practice was over. Feed rest of kids, fast. (9:00pm)
Rebecca had 2nd grade performance. Very cute. 6 2nd grade classes. 6 songs.
1/2 hour in the am. Not too bad. Our sweet neighbor, Sheri, came, too. More about her in a minute. I think someone had practice.
Worked. Grabbed Emma, ran to get gas! Off to the Dr's for Emma's 5 yr check up. Yep! My baby is 5 and she'll be in kindergarten next year. So, those of you with 5 yr olds know what this check up brings. A whole lot a shots! 3 to be exact and 1 finger prick. She was talking non stop about getting shots all week. All the time. She told everyone about it. She seemed kinda excited about it. I think she forgot from years ago. She had her Easter party at school and she was decorated like a bunny. She was a happy bunny....
 but not for long....
Not such a happy bunny. 
Run home, grab kids, off to softball.
Work all day, kids and hubby home (spring break). Get off work, go to sisters where 3 of 4 kids are watching sister's 2. No one dead! Wait till BIL gets home. Get home, make dinner, wait for hubby to get home from practice. Leave 3 youngest home so we could do the first and final Easter shopping. Success. Home to get ready for day of soft/baseball. 
Finish 2 banners for 2 teams, leave for ball fields. Pick up team mate on way. Oh yeah, run to Sam's club to get snack for all 4 teams.  Watched 3 of 4 kids games (thank goodness for a bye).

 Run to Costco to pick up dinner for Easter! You'd be proud. I was in and out in 20 minutes, FLAT! (at closing :) 
Not to mention The EB that night.
you know the drill. I'm too tired to even finish this. Luckily, the EB comes while we're at church! Yummy Dinner, lots of candy.... I can't remember what else.
I don't think I'll do another weekly summary, but maybe I will. I don't seem to have time any other time of the week.....


Paige said...

All that baseball would kill me too. Can you bring a laptop to baseball? Then maybe it will be OK because you could blog while you watch?

Sunday Summary=Family History. It works.

andrea said...

read my friend lisa's post today. you guys are livn the same life.

really great pictures today. love them.
noe goes in for the 5 yr old shots next month. is it better to prep her, or just shock her? advice?? please??

Tristan said...

Girl I am exhausted just reading this post! You are one of the supermoms! Glad you had a good Easter! Emma makes a really cute little bunny!

We missed you today! We need to try and get together sometime!

HILLARY said...

It makes me sad to hear that your depressed. I love you so much and I just want you to be happy. Please let me know what I can I do for you to make you happy again. I love you with all my heart sweetheart and my goal in life is to make you happy.

All my love,

Your Eternal Companion

andrea said...

i came over here to cry because i didn't see your name on the BP list. and then i saw your husband's comment up there. now i'm crying because he's so sweet.

come to BP, you need the therapy it offers. plus i want to meet you. hug your husband, he's a love. i'm off for a kleenex.

utmomof5 said...

You wear me out!!!!! I am tired just reading about your week!

Valarie said...

Ditto! That makes me tired just reading it! I am a busy lady, but at least most of my busy happens in my home, so I am not running here and there and everywhere.
Poor little, sad bunny. That is an adorable picture.

katie said...

wow, miss hillary, wow. that's all I can say.

And you always say you admire me, ha, silly girl... it's you to be admired.

Janelle said...

Hey Hill,

It sounds like you need something to look forward to. Come to book group with me next month! Oh and I just got home from vacation and regular life does stink.

katie said...

mrs hillary, did I say I miss you? I know you're crazy busy, but now I'm stuck out here in the middle of illinois (okay okay, I know I love who I'm with) but I soooo miss my friends from cali and you are my link. I miss you and I am so glad that you are happy.

I am proud to call you my friend.

You give e strength, and courage, because I know you have found the reason for everything, and you are so lucky.

I envy you miss hilary. You are who I miss being.

lucky girl.

I need to visit you in cali.

Amy Jorgensen said...

Hillary! Just read your comment on my might get your wish! Scott finished in July '09 and the Bay Area is on our short list. I just looked up real estate, though, and found a house for sale down the street from my old house -- for 2.5 million! We won't be doing Walnut Creek. Email me at, and let's talk school districts. Also, do you have any idea where Trina Lundblad is? I'm trying to find her -- I want her to meet my Megan. They would be peas in a pod. Amy

SFMiles said...

emma Looks so adorable crying in her easter bunny costume! I love the picture of the kids in their church clothes. You are an inspiration I wish I could run around all day like you do and add work to the mix wow!!! you take my breath away....