June 20, 2008


It has totally changed my opinion of this place. I'm gonna move here, just so I can do all my shopping here. It about as good as the 2 story Target I went to a couple weeks ago!!! I didn't know that even existed!


Heidi Ashworth said...

What is it? I can't tell. And where is the two story Target? Do tell!

SFMiles said...

Is this up in sacramento near where nannie lives?
Yeah lets make further plans for you guys to come up! what are you guys doing on the 4th, any plans yet?

Shannon Bousfield said...

We have a two story Target near our house (Long Beach/Lakewood, CA) and the kids still love seeing the cart go up the special cart escalator.

That is the nicest looking Walmart I've ever seen. Might convince me to switch to the 'dark side' and shop there!

shannon (livingstone) bousfield

utmomof5 said...

yea I am pretty much anti Wal-Mart. Ours looked really nice for about 3 weeks and now it is gross and diguisting and dirty. I wish that it stayed nice it is xo convinient to have everything together.
I have been to a 2 story target once, that was so awesome!

Tristan said...

I'm a Target girl myself, but a brand new big Wal-Mart is cool!

Lorena said...

Yeah, they opened one closer to us (than the one 15 min away) and even though everyone was friendly for the first two weeks, now they're not.

And...everytime I go they are ALWAYS out of at least one thing on my shopping list.

A SuperTarget is opening up 1 block north of the Wal-Mart Supercenter...that's where I'll be!

Ann said...

I think it was you who left the nice comment on my blog, so thank you! You have a lovely family and looks like you all have a very busy life.