June 11, 2008

Happy last day of school!

This is the order in which they left for school today:

"Why do you need a picture, Mom?"
"Do I look ok?"
"I love school!"

This is where I will find my husband for a couple of weeks as he sleeps of the school year. Then he'll get down to business! Emma was happy to sleep in, too.


andrea said...

i love sleepy summer mornings!

Christie said...

Will he be annoyed to wake up and find that you posted his sleeping picture on the internet? Hee hee.

katie said...

I would not describe the last day of school as "happy".

This means they will be around more often, making messes, eating food...


Tristan said...

The sleeping picture is so cute!!

Lorena said...

That is so totally my favorite part of summer...the sleeping in!