June 1, 2008

Emma's softball season in review!

Our little SUPERSTAR.......

Yesterday was E's team party. We had a blast, thanks to the family that opened their home to 10 little girls and their families! (they had the pool) 

I can/can't believe the season is over. This was E's second softball season. The difference from last year was amazing. 
(this was last year)

She was 4 last year, and did pretty well, but this year she was smokin! She hit doubles all the time. She even got a triple (woulda been a home run but her legs just aren't long enough!) She paid attention, which is not very common in 5 yr olds. Most are usually saving the lady bugs in the outfield. Her determination was amazing. She cried when the other girls got her out. It mad her mad! I tried to help her understand that that was their job, just like it was hers. Her team didn't make the playoffs, (hooray only 3 of 4 did) but she had a great year and I can't wait to see her rippin the ball again next year. 
Batter up!
Almost an out at 1st base
Her coach, one of my best friends, Hillari
Way to go catcher!



andrea said...

those are some super pictures! and that spread made me so hungry. too bad the husband is out of town and it's corndogs for the kids tonight. and toast for me. mmmm....

can i come eat over?

Samantha said...

Oh Hillary I know that Emma knows how cute she is, but come on...she is just too cute! Especially in that little catcher gear!
Thanks for the chat today it was good to see you and the girls!
You go girl with that haircut!

utmomof5 said...

Holy Cow seh is too cute in her uniform!! Glad for your sake that her team didn't make the playoffs. That is alot to ask of mom!

Tristan said...

I love love her pink glove! She is so cute in her uniform!