March 6, 2009

would you share?

If you were introduced to a product that could change our bodies and the way they work (for good), and quite possibly change the world, would you share it?


:Jan the crazy lady: said...

Yes I would. Do you have a secret?

Heidi Ashworth said...

Boy, this is a tough one. By sharing, do you mean a pyramid selling program? Then no. If you mean something that will make me look younger and feel better? And would I share that info with my twin sister? Then, no. If you mean something that is gospel oriented, then yes!! If you mean something that is just good for you, something you really believe in and have tried yourself--something you just buy in the store? I have tried that but people aren't really receptive if it is something that isn't heavily advertised on TV. That is, by someone other than Billy Mays. Why?

devri said...

Hmmm, I would for sure.. but it would require people to give me money.. jk