May 2, 2009

been busy

Been kinda busy. Not really feeling like blogging. Ever get in the mood to read everyone else's and not take care of yours? That's where I'm at. For posterity sake, and my mother in law! (Hi Michele).... Here's a few photos of things we or I did last month!

Papa and daddy built a garden box!!!

The girls and I planted veggies and flowers. Those plants are so much bigger now!

On a whim drove to Utah w/ my mom for 4 days
(I know those of you who live there might not apprecate this picture 
but I love the majesty of the mountains. and the snow... cause I don't live in it!)

While there, watched my nephew rock at soccer!
(he's the one in the yellow jersey!)

Went on a field trip with Rebecca and a bunch of 3rd graders!

Finally made it to the river to let the turtle go!

Had an amazingly chocolate cake that a lady gave my dad cause she returned a chair
 (kind of a crazy lady.... the cake cost $72!)

My oldest turned 15. She's counting the days until her 16th.... I'm not!


Janelle said...

Wow Hillary these are great pictures and a great post!

utmomof 5 said...

Umm yea the excitement of snow wears off prety quick when you live in it :)

I think I may need some chocolate cake now! That looks super yummy :P

Tristan said...

Next time you come to Utah you have to call me!!

Heidi Ashworth said...

16! Oh dear. Hey, from whence did this delish expensive cake come? William Sonoma? Is it worth the cost?