July 2, 2009

they're almost here!

the family is coming! my kids are giddy with anticipation! i've been cleaning and painting and planting ( i love a deadline :) In a few short hours most of us will be in Folsom, ready to party!

There are 30 poeple in my immediate family. 29 of us will be here. 16 of them are cousins! 

We have so much planned and not planned. Mom and i went shopping for food yesterday. 2 stores, 400$. not bad. Easy food, bbq, corn, easy....

our weekend is as follows:
7/2 - mileses, mileses, daphne arrive
7/3 - loseys arrive - go to swim park, play, play, go to rodeo! (there is a real live rodeo in our town, 3 minutes from our house!)
7/4 - mileses arrive - go to beach at river, home for pictures, bbq, fireworks, play play play
7/5 - church - bless baby cody, lunch, play play play
7/6 - every body leaves :(

I'll do a big post when I've recovered!

Happy fourth of july!!! I love america!


Julie P said...

Enjoy the fun!

Paige said...

Where are the naps in this schedule?

HILLARY said...

uhhh, forgot about the naps..... there are older cousins....