July 5, 2009

I love my family!

Here are a few family photos.

I love being together with my brothers and sisters, blood and by law!
(the spot in the middle is for Jonathan who can't be here :(

I love that all 16 cousins pick up where they left off.
Can you see how many boys there are?
Youngest to oldest
(well the youngest is at the end, he can't stand yet and he was sleeping!)

I am blessed to have a forever family.
I am so grateful for the Plan Of Salvation!
The reunion in heaven will be awesome
(just hopefully not for a very very long time!)


utmomof 5 said...

I am loving that you have a family picture in front of the temple in the EXACT same spot as my family!! It makes me feel like I know you a little better :)

What a big group you have!! You guys look like a fun group. Glad you had so much fun with them.

Tristan said...

How fun! Great pictures!! I'm glad you had such a fun weekend with your family.

Jenibelle said...

Hillary...is Kathy Wood one of the Stone's from Modesto? I grew up in the same stake, my dad and her dad served for years together on the high council. She is older than I but I remember her grace and beauty so well. She taught just about every LDS kid in Modesto how to waltz!! We all admired her so much. When we first started our Dental practice in Antioch 23 years ago, Keith and his brother were so kind to us and I remember having dinner with the Woods and feeling so unglamorous and cloddy, Kathy was so gracious, she'd probably have been horrified if she knew how I felt! What a sad loss but thankfully her family is strong and understands and appreciates the Gospel. E-mail me, I have a couple of other questions for you.

Jeni Groseclose aka Jenibelle

Heidi Ashworth said...

Oh, that Adam is so silly! I am from a family of 7 girls and one boy and the grandkids are almost all boys. Go figure!