July 24, 2009

trip to utah

before anyone gets upset that i didn't tell anyone that i was going to utah, i didn't have time to see anyone but my brother and his family and the event that i went for. i know you are all disappointed and so am i. one day i'll come out there with plans to see/meet all of my friends out there. just an fyi :)

my mom and i took my 3 youngest kids to my brother's to see cousins and attend a conference in layton. i'll post about that later. the best part was the party on friday eve. the band was great but so loud that people couldn't mingle. so there was a dance party for the miles family! PARTY TRAIN is the name of the band. they were totally awesome! the kids had so much fun. it wore them out and even i got out there and shook it! it tired them out so they slept right through the people partying at the bar right next to our room. me not so lucky :)

there were chocolate fountains and eli enjoyed them.
he would go and get a strawberry, dip it, come back to the table,
take one bite then go get another. repeat about 10x

had and amazing conference! then headed back to logan.
enjoyed a restful sunday then off to the waterpark on monday.
emma was so hapy that she could go down the big slides there.
here she's about an inch to short, bummer!
we had fun in the sun

i promised no names on this one, but i was very impressed ;)
then back to their house for a little birthday cake in honor of yours truely!
since i'd be driving home all day on my bday!
all i can say is sam's club does an awesome cake! cheap, too!
had a great time, too short, but happy to be back home. missed my man and missed my girl (who didn't come cause she was hiking 27 miles for girls camp! she's a beast!)


Tristan said...

Don't feel bad! Sometimes there just isn't enough time to see all the people you want. I'll forgive you this once ;)

I'm glad you had so much fun!

utmomof 5 said...

I loves me a chocolate fountain! :)

Happy Birthday!!!

the wrath of khandrea said...


mother goose said...

i wanted to send you an invite but I don't have your email.

excited family said...

Looks like loads of fun! I love your sunflower picture too.